What are the benefits of using PrestaShop for your eCommerce website?

What are the benefits of using PrestaShop for your eCommerce website? | Velsof

PrestaShop provides you with an effective CMS choice for your website.

Developing your eCommerce website is the most crucial part of shifting your business online. In order to expand the reach and status of your business online, you need to make sure that your website has all the elements required to present itself as a tough competitor in the market. The first step in this direction comes with the selection of an effective eCommerce platform. Out of the various CMS and eCommerce platforms available in the market, choosing the best for your website is crucial. To make your job easy, we will here discuss the various benefits that you can avail in case you opt for PrestaShop as an eCommerce platform for developing your website.

Open source platform

Being an open source platform, PrestaShop allows you to make a cost-effective switch for your business to the online arena. Moreover, in the case of start-ups, this is even more effective as arranging for a specific platform for your eCommerce website can prove to be very costly.

Responsive themes

Keeping the fact in mind that the traffic and conversions are driven by mobiles and tablets, these days you cannot afford your website to lag behind on this front. A responsive website is the need of the hour. PrestaShop CMS caters to this need by allowing you to choose from various responsive themes available on its platform that too with the option of various free themes. You can effectively utilize these themes to build an attractive and visitor-friendly website.

SEO compatible

Being an SEO friendly platform, PrestaShop allows you to boost your SEO by attaining higher SERPs. The codes generated by PrestaShop are easily compatible with standard SEO strategies and allows your business to gain maximum reach through your digital extension. The SEO friendly URL in PrestaShop is a major USP of this eCommerce platform.

Multi-language feature

Catering to the global needs of your business, the PrestaShop platform comes with a multilingual feature, so as to, provide deeper market penetration for your website. A multilingual feature with all the major language support provides you a platform to present your business internationally and to enhance the global image of your business. Going beyond the boundaries can certainly boost the conversion charts of your business by the virtue of a wide extended customer base.

Final say

By loading your website with the above-mentioned features, PrestaShop certainly proves itself as an effective choice. The various free updates and themes only add on to its credibility. Keeping in mind the trends and developments in the eCommerce arena, PrestaShop carries all the capabilities of an effective eCommerce platform to keep your website running in the long run.

How Velocity provides the world Class PrestaShop Template Development Services?

Velocity provides the world Class PrestaShop template development services | Velsof

Get world class PrestaShop Templates with the ability to provide you an underhand against your rival sites.

Mobile users are dominating in the market. Today most of the web traffic comes from the mobile platform. The mobility has provided the users with the easiest accessible ways to buy their favorite products online anytime they want. A recent survey says that optimizing your site to serve the mobile users is exactly a way to have a competitive advantage and one of the best conversation optimization strategies.

Having a responsive site design is impossible without having a responsive template. For a PrestaShop site, the generic template too is responsive and provides a great ease of browsing through the mobile devices. Looking at this, we at Velocity has always been providing our clients with the best responsive and customized PrestaShop templates that are capable of creating an enticing user experience with the most optimized performance level. Creating the responsive PrestaShop templates that are fully competent to provide you with an upper hand against your fellow PrestaShop site owners.

Velocity offers Template development and customization services for your PrestaShop site. The design of PrestaShop Templates are very user-friendly and can be customized in just a few clicks. These templates not only customize the look and feel of your site but also customize the shopping experience for your customers.

Here are some upper hand that you get from PrestaShop template development and customization services at Velocity:

Fully Responsive: The templates developed at Velocity are responsive to a large range of mobile devices. From android, i OS, to windows phone, and a large range of screen sizes are supported by these templates.

Fully standardized coding convention: Our developers and designers follow the standards of W3C. This standard of coding is worldwide accepted and is understood by the developers and designers all over the globe.

SEO friendly: One of the easiest ways to attract mobile users is to provide the responsive themes or templates. Because our templates are quite responsive it imparts a positive impact on the Google’s algorithms which use the responsiveness as a metric to rank pages in the Google SERPs. The more your site supports the diversity of user the more customers it will get online. This increase in traffic will surely impact the Google with a positive effect in terms of SEO.

On time service delivery: We believe that time is the only factor that decides the importance of a trend or any necessity. If we are not able to deliver a service on correct time then it is of no use. That is why we are very serious about commitments and never cross the time limit that we commit to providing an eCommerce service.  We have dedicated teams of developers, designers, testers, and support associates who make sure that a service is always delivered on time.

Best customer support: We provide the best eCommerce support and have secured a trust in our customers just because of the kind of customer support we provide. The customers spread across the globe are the proof of our commitment to providing the world-class customer support.

Not only PrestaShop services, we are leading eCommerce services providers in various domains like OpenCart, Magento, SharePoint and much more. For the time we can assure that we have already worked on a large number of PrestaShop templates and have the ability to satisfy our customers with the world class and quality services.

Beware of these factors while going for an eCommerce Platform Transition

Beware of these factors while going for an eCommerce platform transition | Velsof

Check out these factors for a successful migration to an eCommerce platform.

There has been a sudden influx of numerous eCommerce stores around the world that are involved in various eCommerce activities. With the emergence of these online stores, there are various eCommerce platforms that may not be performing upto their fullest potential. This is seriously a grave issue as it will hamper your long term business results in terms of conversion rates, product sales and customer engagement.

With so much things at stake, it is really a smart choice if various online stores are thinking about making a transition to appropriate eCommerce platforms for their business interests. It is really a good decision if you are thinking about all the pros and cons before finally making a transition to an eCommerce platform. Check out these factors to make a successful transition to an eCommerce platform.

It should not hamper your present business activities- In an online business scenario, site owners can’t wait for an opportune time to expand their business and sales due to the cut- throat competition. If you are going for the eCommerce platform transition, you need to first have an elaborate discussion with your service providers regarding the complete time required for the eCommerce transition. This is one of the crucial requirement for the transition of an eCommerce platform and can save you huge business losses. Always go for an eCommerce platform like PrestaShop services that can be quickly installed and customized within a short time.

It should not arrive with a steep price- No doubt, you are eager to transform your online business but this can’t be compromised with the steep prices of your selected eCommerce platform. An expensive eCommerce platform transition activities can shake the overall cost cutting measures of your online business and can increase the operating cost to a great extent. You need to opt for an eCommerce migration services that is affordable in nature irrespective of your business size and targeted customers.

The transition process should not affect the online visibility- You can only dream of mega sales and higher conversion rates if your eCommerce store enjoys a good online visibility and presence on various search engines. Ensure that your search optimization services are not affected during the transition of your online store from existing eCommerce platform to another platform. If your online visibility and presence is affected, you will surely suffer losses in terms of customer engagement, product sales and conversions. The key element is to undergo the transition process without any severe consequences on the SEO services.

The transition period should be less- It can be a matter of serious concern for various online store owners if the eCommerce transition process occurs for months as it could impact the business prospects. The time period between the transition from an existing eCommerce platform till the full operation of the new platform needs to be very less. Consult with your eCommerce service provider regarding the approximate time involved in the eCommerce platform transition process.

Once, you have achieved the satisfactory answers to all these factors, you can be ready to go for the eCommerce platform transition without any second thought. However, making a haste in this regard would only result in a disappointment with your eCommerce platform capabilities and money. So, stop for a second, make an analysis and then move ahead.

Why your PrestaShop site needs Template Development Services?

Prestashop Template Development Services | velsof

Choose velocity for a quality PrestaShop template development services to enhance your shopping site’s design.

PrestaShop is a great platform to start with an online shopping site. It supports a diversity of products to be uploaded to the store and can handle their selling and management in a much easier way than any other CMS Platform. PrestaShop is better called as a ready-made or ready-to-sell CMS platform that allows a seller to start selling on his online shopping site as soon as he/she configures the store after installing it. The default themes and PrestaShop template that are provided with the default installation is quite capable of providing a ready to sell store where you can start adding and later selling your products instantly.

The question is, if you already get such an efficient template with the default installation itself, why spend extra on custom templates? A short and simple answer to this question is – competition from your rival sites. Yes! The default themes and templates are provided to your competitors too. Then, what makes you stand ahead of them in the competition? It is the custom changes and modification that you make to your CMS platform gives you an upper-hand. Even your rival sites do not depend on the default features to make a profit, they implement the best-customized templates and modules to stand ahead of you in the queue.

That is where the PrestaShop template development services come in the limelight. PrestaShop template development services provided by Velocity is not so similar to any common service providers. We too understand that we need to stand ahead in the line. That is why we are the leading services providers in the domain.

Why Velocity leads in PrestaShop Template development services?

Velocity offers the Template development and customization services for any kind of eCommerce stores. Here is a glance of the pros of the Template development and customization services at Velocity:

  • We provide the best user-friendly template designs that fit the needs and understanding level of even a non-technical person. Requires no hardcore coding and designing skill to use our templates.
  • The templates can be easily configured and customized according to the needs in just single click.
  • Provides the best shopping experience to your online customers by simplifying the user interface and navigation pattern of your site.
  • The services at Velocity allow our clients to choose from the multiple layouts and design according to their needs and requirements.
  • The template is designed and customized strictly according to the instructions and needs of our clients. We also possess the services of PSD to PrestaShop theme conversions which allow our clients to better represent their ideas and requirements in a PhotoShop design.

Expert team of PrestaShop developers at Velocity-

We in-house a very experienced and expert team especially for the PrestaShop Development services. With the year of experience and expertise, we can provide the best in class PrestaShop Services to our clients across the globe.

Equipped with latest trends and technology-

We believe that a company cannot serve its clients properly unless it is self-updated with the latest trends and technology requirements. That is why we always stay up-to-date with the trending technologies that helps us to understand and prepare our self for the challenging requirements of our clients across the globe.

Standard coding system-

All the coding and designing methods are applied strictly according to the standardized protocols. The Template designing codes that our developers use are all W3C verified.

On time service delivery assurance-

We believe that it is the correct timing which stays above all if you are working in a competitive environment. That is why we serve our clients for a uncompromised quality of services with an on-time service delivery assurance.

Continuous support for the clients-

Support plays a very important role in enhancing your abilities to get new clients and keep them with you till the time infinity. We believe that our responsibilities does not end after selling a product to our clients. That is why Velocity provides the continuous service and customer support to the clients where the issues are assured to be fixed in a very quick time interval. A regular update is also provided to the clients till the issue is resolved.

Thus, these are ample of the reasons that make our PrestaShop development and other eCommerce services stand ahead of our rival companies.

How to improve your site SEO? (Part 1)

How to improve your site SEO | Velsof

Optimize the presence of your site on search engines for higher conversions and sales.

With the gradual development of Internet over the years, the role of search engine optimization has also changed drastically. It has taken a long leap from the usual keyword targeting and stuffing as the search engine algorithms have become much smarter than before. If you are not having an effective online presence and visibility on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and such others, you will certainly lose the critical key performance indicators like conversion rates, product sales, site traffic and much more. This would be a severe blow to the business aspirations and interests of your company in the long run. If you want to remain immune from the effect of search engines on the performance of your business entity, you need to follow these extraordinary SEO tips without any doubt.

1. Locate keywords in an effective manner for grabbing customer attention- Just, as the right key can open a lock, so only the high ranking keywords can grab maximum customer attention for your business. If you are not having any idea about the right keyword phrases for your store, you need to take the assistance of tools like Google Keyword Planner which can provide a detailed insight about various keywords like long tailed keywords, LSI keywords, related keywords and much more. Once, you are aware about which keywords you need to target, it will be much easier for you to grab the instant attention of your targeted readers. Don’t begin your search engine optimization journey without any clear idea about the keywords in order to save your time, money and efforts from getting wasted. Apart from this, it will increase the success chances of your SEO campaigns for the stupendous growth of your business entity.

2. Maintain the authenticity and originality of your content- There can’t be anything worse for the online rankings of your site than a copied or non- authentic content. It not only affects the customer engagement but also makes a severe dent on the prestige and reputation of your business entity. You need to be extra vigilant that your content is free from plagiarism, unnecessary keyword stuffing and other such factors that tends to affect the rankings of your site on major search engines. To check the originality of your content, you can utilize the tools like CopyScape, SiteLiner and others for figuring out the copied content that can be suicidal for the growth and expansion of your business.

3. Pay attention on your site navigation and internal links- Site navigation is an important criteria that can keep visitors engaged to your particular site. Work towards improving the user experience of your clients in order to achieve higher conversions and sales through a seamless navigation around your site. Some of the elements that can contribute in an appealing and navigation friendly site are mobile responsive web design, selective use of flash players and heavy graphics, proper spacing, strong internal link architecture, minimal design and other such components. You need to ensure that there are no broken and bad links on your site that could pose a significant problem in your website navigation and accessibility. If you want to achieve a robust and amazing website design and navigation, you can take the help of our SEO services that come with most pocket friendly price.

Check out these SEO tips for ensuring a mind blowing performance and visibility of your site on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and such others. If you can follow these valuable tips, your business will certainly have a better online rankings and visibility for outstanding business future. It is definitely your chance to emerge as an undoubted champion in your particular business segment.

How To Turn Your Magento Online Stores Into A More Mobile Friendly Site?

Exploring new areas for business growth is a top priority for every e- commerce organization and has the potential to influence the conversion rates of that organization to a great extent. Due to the increased influx of the smart phones and tablets in the global market, customers are now increasingly doing online shopping through their smart phones and tablets. This increasing trend is speaking the major shift in the consumer behavior and have made it mandatory for various e- commerce organizations to target their mobile customers exclusively in order to push their sales. It does not matter whether you are running a Magento based e- commerce store or any other platform based online store, the global reach and significance of the mobile customers is simply hard to ignore. Let us now discuss few points that can help you in improving your e- commerce site and make it more mobile friendly for effective targeting of your mobile based customers.

Work towards improving your site navigation and usability- Due to the limited size of the mobile screen and the restricted navigation facility, it is important to make your Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart or any platform dependent online store more mobile friendly so that customers can easily interact with your e- commerce site for improved conversion rates. Do not make your customers frequently switch between multiple pages so as to make an online purchase but rather try to make the whole process simplified with a clean user interface for an effective mobile site. Your mobile site should be designed keeping in mind the limited real estate area of your website and to minimize the user frustration experienced during multiple scrolling activity and difficult navigation throughout the site.

Make use of responsive design into your website- Now a days, numerous e- commerce sites are making use of responsive web design so as to make their website more adaptable to multiple computing platforms like desktops, laptops, smart phones or tablets. The working of a mobile responsive design is based on three factors namely- dynamic grids, flexible images and media queries that can easily detect the size of a user’s screen and can adapt themselves accordingly to fit the screen size of the customer’s device.

Understand the sole purpose of your mobile site- Before designing your website for the mobile customers, it is important to understand the mindset and intention of your customers while visiting your e- commerce site so as to make your mobile website more productive and user friendly. Getting important feedbacks and suggestions from your targeted customers can help you immensely in creating an effective mobile site for your online e- commerce store.

By understanding all these points effectively, you can easily make a decisive start in the field of mobile e- commerce site and can target your mobile customers more effectively. It will also ensure that your mobile site can make significant improvement in your conversion rates and product sales.