Why focus on enhancing your Local SEO Services?

Why focus on enhancing your local SEO services? | Velsof

Local SEO is the new trend in advancing your conversion rates.

Expanding the reach of your business so as to connect with a large base of customer is what every enterprise wish to achieve. However, in order to achieve the same, the adoption of proper methods and techniques is of prime significance. Enhancing your local SEO services is one such area where you should focus so as to make your business bloom and reach to a wider audience.

Before we go further to discuss the reasons why local SEO service is important, we shall first understand what it is?

What it is?

Local SEO is an effective technique for local online marketing which allows the business owners to target the local audience.It wants them to reach to the target audience in the area where the  business is established. With local SEO, the main focus remains on targeting local customers who can directly reach to your business by online or offline medium.

Why to focus on local SEO?

Why to focus on local seo? | Velsof

Local SEO enhancement has resulted in boosting growth for various local entities.

As you have got a basic idea about what Local SEO exactly means, we will now look on the reasons why it is so important for your business development.

1. Changing trend: Instead of looking into directory or searching the phonebook, 64% of the customer today prefer to search online for their local business needs. This means that you are surrounded by the wider market around you. Now all you need to do is increase your visibility. With enhancing your visibility in local search results, you get a more certain chance of repeated conversions.

2. Bang on time: Local SEO helps you to connect with the customer exactly at a time when they are in need of your services. That is, there are higher chances for you to convert the visitor into a converted customer if your visibility on the internet is optimum.

3. Investment with returns: Unlike other methods of advertisement, investment in local SEO services  pays a richer dividend. No doubt, other modes of advertisement can also help you boost your visibility to attract the customer’s eye. However, local SEO enhancement boosts your visibility at a time when the customer is actually looking for you.

4. Newspaper trend is gone: Gone are the days when people used to search for their local needs on newspaper classifieds. With newspaper readership declining to almost 20% in last two decades, internet search is the new buzz. A whooping 70% of local customers back online review before making a choice from the locally available services.

5. Increased mobile penetration: With increasing mobile penetration more and more number of traffic is driven by these devices. In order to capture a wider base of local audience, you need to optimize your SEO services not only in tune of PC and desktops but also in accordance with these devices.


The increase in the digital media penetration has given a whole new dimension to the field of promotion and marketing. Today your business’s value is highlighted by the fact that how well is your visibility on the digital platform. In the era of digitization and visualization, local SEO service enhancement is an area where you should shift your focus if you are eyeing a bumper growth for your business.

Drive The Performance And Usability Of Your Magneto Site Through Our Magento Theme Development Services

Website themes are an important integral part of a business organization and can keep visitors captivated to an e- commerce site. They play an effective role in boosting your site traffic and conversion rates as visitors get hooked to an appealing website theme. However, you need to be a bit careful while selecting any theme for your e- commerce website as it may affect your website loading speed, customer engagement and performance. Business organizations should select a theme that can effortlessly adapt to various screen sizes and doesn’t take much time in loading. However, this is not such an easy task as it may seem to and often e- commerce organizations have to contend with a non- productive, unappealing and heavy website theme that affects the overall performance of their Magento site. To help you in this crucial task, Velocity Software Solution Pvt. Ltd which is located in Uttar Pradesh (Noida), India can promise you an unmatched Magento theme development services that can take your Magento e- commerce site to greater heights. We can ensure a theme that is faster in loading, responsive in design, higher in features and is visually appealing to your targeted customers so as to improve your conversion rates and site traffic.

Journey of the Velocity in the field of Magento theme development

Our organization understands the importance of an effective website theme for an online business organization and is committed to provide you a theme that is truly superb in every aspect. Velocity is working diligently with its dedicated team of designers, developers and programmers to provide excellent themes to its targeted customers. The two foremost areas of our Magento theme services are

1. HTML to Magento theme conversion.

2. PSD to Magento theme conversion.

HTML to Magento theme conversion- With the help of our expert team of designers and developers, Magento site owners can be sure of an outstanding Magento theme by making necessary changes in the HTML coding of their website. Our themes will comply to all the set development guidelines and will work towards increasing your visitor’s engagement and conversion rates on your website. Some of the features of our theme development services are as follows:

– Making necessary configuration and optimization in your Magento site.

– Development of the themes based on the effective SEO friendliness, user navigation and mobile responsiveness.

– Adherence to various development standards like XHTML, HTML, CSS and W3C.

– Adaptability to various platforms and browsers along with necessary technical support.

PSD to Magento theme conversion- Our skilled team of designers and coders can provide you appealing themes for your Magento stores out of the PhotoShop files. You just need to provide us required PSD files to our organization and we will provide you an amazing theme from the scratch. Our professionals have years of experience and expertise in this domain and can provide you an effective website theme that can appeal and target your visitors in the most amazing manner. Here are some of the other services that are available along with this PSD to Magento theme conversion process.

– Installation of the Magento module.

– Development and customization of Magento based module and themes.

– Development of the customized extensions for Magento platform.

– Designing of the responsive themes for Magento stores.

– Website support and maintenance services.

So, with our company, Velocity, business organizations can get a Magento theme for their e- commerce website that is effective in terms of productivity, scalability, usability, loading speed, visual appeal and user navigation. Get you free quote now by engaging with our proficient designers and developers. All you need to do is just contact us through our mailing address inquiry@velsof.com or give us a call at our number +1 (424) 653- 6907. You can also explore our website, www.velsof.com to know more about our services and areas of expertise.

How To Pull Customers And Conversion Rates For Your E- Commerce Site?

Are you worried about limited number of customers appearing on your e- commerce store? Is your conversion rates not rising in a way as it was expected by your e- commerce store? If these are some of the reasons that are bogging down the performance of your online store, you need to be alert and attentive as we are here with certain solutions that can completely change your whole business scenario. You don’t have to scratch your head anymore regarding your dipping product sales as you can easily improve your e- commerce user experience and product sales by following these simple tips.

Make effective use of the product videos- Sometimes, a 2- 3 minutes product videos can influence your site visitors to a great extent than those lengthy product descriptions or attractive product images. This is because these informative product videos explain customers clearly about the various aspects of your featured products and thus helps in forging their purchasing behavior. Further, it is easier and less time consuming to understand the working and features of your products through product videos than reading those lengthy product features list and descriptions.

Include a personal touch to your advertised products- Appropriate presentation of your product tends to make a long lasting impact in the minds of your customers, so add a tinge of personalization to your featured products so as to improve your product sales. You need to showcase your products in a more appealing and creative manner so as to grab the attention of your site visitors from your rival business stores. Try to provide a unique and distinctive style to your e- commerce store so as to increase your brand value.

Add quality images to your store- Great images with an impressive product descriptions make an unbeatable combination that can drive customers towards your e- commerce site and can increase your conversion rates. You need to include a detailed high quality 360 degree images so that customers can have a more elaborate viewing of your product. Further, you need to ensure that the quality of your product images remain appealing and detailed on various devices used by your customers so as to improve their user experience.

Provide easy access to your customers regarding the customer support services on your online store- There can be numerous customers who need to look out for your customer support services information so as to communicate with your business organizationn regarding their shopping experience, shipping related issues, product replacement concern or any other such problems. By restricting seamless access to your customer support services, you are actually causing frustration among your customers and are losing their trust and faith in your business organization.

Allow easy navigation through your product categories- Online shoppers often face severe problem of difficult navigation through product categories pages of e- commerce site which ultimately affects their shopping experience. You need to provide an effective search facility to your targeted customers through smart predictive search feature, search results recommendations, category browsing and other such search techniques. E- commerce giants like Amazon are ruling the roost due to their effective search facilities which helps customers in the easy accessibility of the desired product on their store.

Add user reviews to your site page- It is often seen that site visitors often make a purchasing decision based on the product reviews shared by the users about a particular product on your site. In order to influence the purchasing decision of your targeted customers, you need to encourage your customers to share their experience about your products through product reviews, testimonials, comments and product ratings.

Simplify the checkout process of your e- commerce store- Keep your checkout process relevant and simple so as to avoid online shoppers frustration during checkout process. Remove unnecessary fields from your checkout form so as to facilitate a quick checkout facility to your targeted customers. Further, you need to simplify the registration process on your site so as to improve the online shopping experience and user experience on your e- commerce site.

Provide a resposive design to your e- commerce site- Due to the changing browsing and shopping behavior of customers, business organizations should work towards targeting their mobile customers as well. Using a responsive design for your website during the development process will ensure that your website can provide same level of user experience on various computing devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones or tablets. This will not only improve your conversion rates but will also increase customer base for your e- commerce organization.

So, it is high time to adopt these wonderful tips in your e- commerce website so as to make significant improvement in your conversion rates and product sales. It is definitely your chance to emerge victorious among your business rivals by giving a big boost to your product sales and by optimizing the user experience for your e- commerce store.

How To Turn Your Magento Online Stores Into A More Mobile Friendly Site?

Exploring new areas for business growth is a top priority for every e- commerce organization and has the potential to influence the conversion rates of that organization to a great extent. Due to the increased influx of the smart phones and tablets in the global market, customers are now increasingly doing online shopping through their smart phones and tablets. This increasing trend is speaking the major shift in the consumer behavior and have made it mandatory for various e- commerce organizations to target their mobile customers exclusively in order to push their sales. It does not matter whether you are running a Magento based e- commerce store or any other platform based online store, the global reach and significance of the mobile customers is simply hard to ignore. Let us now discuss few points that can help you in improving your e- commerce site and make it more mobile friendly for effective targeting of your mobile based customers.

Work towards improving your site navigation and usability- Due to the limited size of the mobile screen and the restricted navigation facility, it is important to make your Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart or any platform dependent online store more mobile friendly so that customers can easily interact with your e- commerce site for improved conversion rates. Do not make your customers frequently switch between multiple pages so as to make an online purchase but rather try to make the whole process simplified with a clean user interface for an effective mobile site. Your mobile site should be designed keeping in mind the limited real estate area of your website and to minimize the user frustration experienced during multiple scrolling activity and difficult navigation throughout the site.

Make use of responsive design into your website- Now a days, numerous e- commerce sites are making use of responsive web design so as to make their website more adaptable to multiple computing platforms like desktops, laptops, smart phones or tablets. The working of a mobile responsive design is based on three factors namely- dynamic grids, flexible images and media queries that can easily detect the size of a user’s screen and can adapt themselves accordingly to fit the screen size of the customer’s device.

Understand the sole purpose of your mobile site- Before designing your website for the mobile customers, it is important to understand the mindset and intention of your customers while visiting your e- commerce site so as to make your mobile website more productive and user friendly. Getting important feedbacks and suggestions from your targeted customers can help you immensely in creating an effective mobile site for your online e- commerce store.

By understanding all these points effectively, you can easily make a decisive start in the field of mobile e- commerce site and can target your mobile customers more effectively. It will also ensure that your mobile site can make significant improvement in your conversion rates and product sales.

A Quick Glance To Prestashop Development Services

Out of so many shopping cart platform available in market today, Prestashop is one of the most sophisticated, functional and versatile shopping cart platform used by most retailers. With so many attractive features that it provides, Prestashop helps in designing eCommerce websites that attract a lot of traffic, increase conversions and enhances the performance of your store.

Prestashop Development Services can be categorized into the following heads-

Prestashop Ecommerce Website Development- Prestashop allows you to customize and design a website in accordance to the business requirements. The layout, design and size can be customized as well.

Prestashop Templates- Prestashop templates allow greater flexibility and customization to sell products online. These templates are light weighted and are therefore easy to install. The sleek and intuitive interface allows your shoppers to navigate it easily and quickly.

Prestashop store maintenance- Prestashop store maintenance services are aimed at designing websites that ensure smooth running and help users move to the shopping cart in a trouble free way. Prestashop store maintenance services involve continuously monitoring the website so as to ensure that the check-out process is absolutely safe and secure.

Prestashop Installation and Configuration- Prestashop programmers help in installing and configuring Prestashop software with your eCommerce software. They also help you understand features that allow you to run your Prestashop store in the most easiest and convenient way.

Prestashop Store Optimization- For improving conversions and enhancing the features on your eCommerce website, Prestashop store optimization services help in creating websites that are featured with improved search engine rankings, optimized speed and enhanced database performances.

Prestashop Template Changes- In order to make your Prestashop templates more eye-catchy and appealing, Ecommerce development companies offer PSD re-slicing services to improve the quality of your Prestashop themes and templates.

Now if you are aware of the most popular Prestashop development services, you can actually go ahead and choose a company that provides Prestashop development services mentioned above.

All About Mobile Website Development

Statistics show that a significant percent of users are browsing the internet through mobile devices. Therefore, if your website isn’t mobilized, you are losing potential people interested in what you have to offer. The sudden increase in smart phone users across the world has placed a high demand on mobile development companies to develop a mobile optimized website. The enhanced availability of WAP 2.0 devices and the surge of XHTML developers are further boosting the growth of mobile website development.

Are you thinking of designing a mobile-optimized website, here are a few guidelines you must follow to design a website that transforms your web page in such a way that it can be opened in mobile phones and will help you introduce your business to a much bigger and wider market.

Tip #1 Have a fast loading website

Speed is the key of having a great mobile website. Most of the users browsing the internet on their hand held devices are always in a hurry and if they land on a slow loading website, there is a chance that they will not stay for long.

To make the website load faster, use resized images and content. Resized and compressed images will bring down the loading time considerably. Also remove unnecessary scripts from the code and classes. Mobile phones have a lot of computing power but when they are met with larger size images and other media files, the loading time gets increased.

Tip # 2 Focus on User Experience

User experience is a huge aspect of your website. Hence, before beginning to create the design, you should identify your target audience, and what kind of effect you want your site to have on them. When you figure out this factor, your website design will become a lot easier and more intuitive. Know exactly what you want to achieve with your website before you begin the creative process.

Tip # 3 Design a website to meet user needs

Many mobile phone users have touch screens. This means they will need to have buttons on the website that can accommodate the needs of a touch screen. Another design feature to consider is the colors and formatting of the device. Mobile websites are often designed to look different than original website due to smaller size and need to accommodate the smaller RAM and memory of a smart phone.

Tip #4 Personalize the experience mobile- optimized website

Personalizing your mobile site creates a unique end user experience that could lead to brand loyalty and an increase in sales conversion. Many companies have yet to address the mobile commerce opportunity of implementing personalization as the basis for their optimization but because mobile shopping sites display little content, it is paramount that all offers and products are relevant to each individual consumer.

With increasing rise of tablet and smartphone users, the urge for mobile optimization also keeps increasing, therefore it becomes important to ensure that you have a mobile-optimized website for your business or else you will lose a lot in your business. So, what keeps you waiting? Hurry up and get your websites completely optimized for maximizing return visits, sales and conversions on your store.

OpenCart Support and Maintenance Services – Things To Consider

Looking for OpenCart Support Services?

If you have a website designed on Opencart shopping cart system, there are multiple things you need to look for. Being open source and user-friendly in nature and functionality, Opencart provides a lot of features to perform as the best shopping cart management system. If you want a user-friendly shopping website that meets your business requirements, opting for OpenCart as a shopping cart software would be a wise decision. This software has been designed keeping in mind the customized needs of eCommerce businesses that look for a secured, interactive and better performing solution for their businesses.

Here are some of the topmost features of a well designed OpenCart system-

  • Reliable, stable and secure
  • Availability of templates and modules which can be used to quickly and safely extend the functionality of your store.
  • Feature-rich in providing multi-language capabilities
  • Restore and back-up tool available
  • Supports Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for products as well as categories
  • Supports various third party applications

In order to provide your OpenCart system with an exceptional level of support and maintenance, you need to hire an OpenCart development and support company.

OpenCart support services include hosting and monitoring the performance of your OpenCart website. A reputed opencart development company will confirm your hosting requirements to specify and configure the appropriate eCommerce hosting solutions.

The hosting services can be summed up into-

  • Access to well-protected database hosting facilities
  • Efficient backup facilities for both application code and data
  • Provision for technical support services
  • Support for integration with third-party system
  • Installation of new software upgrades

So, before hiring any OpenCart development company, you need to look into these services for providing best-in-class OpenCart support and maintenance services. Besides, you will have to ensure that they have hired the best programmers and technicians who are well versed with knowledge on OpenCart to deliver top class services.