5 SEO skill set

5 skills every eCommerce SEO expert should have

You might have a great business with plenty of interesting elements on your website. However, if your site isn’t able to constantly grab the attention of targeted customers and convert them into sales, it isn’t doing its job right. Search Engine Optimization is something that makes sure to provide that visibility which attracts target customers on your website.

So, if you are going to hire eCommerce SEO services or an SEO expert, there are certain skills that you should necessarily look for. Just to be clear, skill set for an eCommerce SEO expert is a broad concept and normally there is no finish line. However, there is a strict baseline that defines a suitable expert for your eCommerce website. So, let’s break it into points and discuss these skill sets which are so important to consider when you are going to hire somebody to play with your website’s SEO.

1. Understanding of different levels of SEO –

SEO Factors

Understanding of three levels of SEO is a baseline to consider in an SEO expert

We have to prepare similar infographics like the above image  Caption: Understanding of three levels of SEO is a baseline to consider in an SEO expert Description: An SEO expert without the understanding of the three levels of SEO would not be a good choice at all.

The approaches for SEO on any kind of website is broadly divided into three levels. Understanding and experience with these levels is also required by an eCommerce SEO professional. So, make sure to find out before hiring that your SEO professional know the ways to deal with these three levels of SEO:

  • Technical SEO-

Technical SEO is typically focused on how search engines will crawl your website and index the content. It deals with the site structure that determines how easy or difficult it can be for the search engines to index your contents.

An SEO expert should have a sound knowledge of site structures and ways to optimize it for easy crawling and indexing by the search engines. The other two SEO levels won’t be of much help if the Technical SEO doesn’t go right from the very beginning. The basics that you should consider to discover the technical SEO skills should include the sound knowledge of producing Technical SEO Audits depending on these factors :

  • Indexing- Site indexing, Webmaster tools, Site-Map
  • Inbound and outbound links- Traffic Analysis
  • Content issues- Duplicate content, Anchor Text, Alt Tags
  • Accessibility- Robots.txt, JavaScript, 404 errors
  • On-Page- Coding standards, Header Tags, Page load speed
  • Meta-Tags- Page title, Mata Descriptions, Meta Keywords, Canonical Tags, Geo Tags
  • Site Navigation- Site-Map, Page Depth, Internal Linking
Technical SEO Audit

An SEO expert should have a sound knowledge of Technical SEO audit

  • On-Page SEO-

Moz defines the On-Page SEO as, “ A practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals.” 

On-Page SEO involves dealing with every aspect of a webpage that when combined together, improves the webpage ranking in the SERPs. It can be defined as the combination of various tactics on a webpage which helps to get it on the top search results in terms of relevancy of the search query and the web page.

So, find out if the he/she can put efforts into different On-Page factors and understands everything that would be used to conduct an analysis of your website. An expert SEO professional will always able to understand the anatomy of your website’s  on-page performance based on the Factors like content performance, inter-linking, keyword usage, Alt tags used etc.

On-Page SEO Elements

Understanding of all the basic elements involved in On-Page SEO is must to consider

Content optimization and Inter-linking:

Both content and inter-linking are interdependent factors that go hand in hand. An On-Page optimization through contents on your website would not be possible without a proper inter-linking. Likewise, an inter-linking cannot be done without proper contents on the website. A deep understanding of how contents are interlinked a website is a must to have if you are tweaking the on-page optimizations. This also includes the compliance with search engine guidelines for website inter-linking.

  • Off-Page SEO-

Off-Page SEO is a completely different concept which involves the activities that are performed outside the boundaries of your website. The most crucial concepts that should be carried by your hired SEO Services or the SEO expert here are:

Search engines like Google, Bing, and others, have been trying hard to make their SERPs more and more relevant for the end users. For this, they take the three levels of SEO into account and Off-Page SEO is one of them. Inside Off -Page SEO there are various factors that have been mentioned in this image below.

On page and Off Page SEO

Ask your SEO experts if he/she can handle the Off-page SEO

A talk about Off-Page SEO won’t be complete without referring to the link building. According to Tim Soulo, the head of marketing at Ahrefs,

“The best thing about link building strategy is to create something awesome and let everyone know about it”

It’s an impressive quote that also indicated how Off-Page SEO is not just done by a single person. It is a result of combined efforts from the creators (Bloggers, content writers, and all those who produce contents for your website) and SEO experts. The creators create something valuable and SEO experts make it reach to everyone who needs it.

Understanding of various channels for link building is what that is required here. One can use blogging, forum commenting, bookmarking, guest posting, and many more tactics for an effective link building. However, it involves various risks too. Google continuously updates its algorithms to penalize the websites which are create spammy links. So, here you need an SEO expert who stays updated with the latest algorithm upgrades and knows how to deal with them.

It’s always wise to get assured that your SEO expert is always ready to handle all these three levels of SEO and the teams involved at all the levels. This brings me to the next point.

2. On-field experience and successful track record on popular Search engines-

“Even the best SEOs are not magicians. They can’t simply place a site at the top of the engines when there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of others that offer basically the same thing and provide basically the same information. If they could, you’d see a whole lot more millionaire SEOs.”Jill Whalen – highrankings.com

But, it doesn’t mean that SEO is a task that can be performed by anyone. SEO is not just about getting on the top position for targeted keywords SERPs of every search engine. Someone with bluffing claims to get you on the top should not be your choice here. It takes years of experience and knowledge of the bigger picture to truly do a good job.

An SEO company or an expert you hire should have a track record that indicates how successfully they have conducted the campaigns and gained a better visibility on popular search engines. The successful track record of handling tricky projects would guide you to end up with someone who doesn’t just claim vaguely but implement the skills to get succeeded. You should check at least three recent references of the previous clients whom the company helped to succeed in the certain goals.

Depending on their policies, not every client would share the details, though. However,  they would surely share their experience if hiring the SEO expert was beneficial for them.

3. Marketing Skills-

“On a broad scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the same way TV, radio, and print are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics” –  Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager, Bing 

Any search engine optimization tactic applied on the websites has the ultimate goal to drive relevant traffic for generating sales. However, this can only be done if one understands your business needs and what you have to offer your customers. You do not need a marketing expert cum SEO expert here but a marketing savvy SEO professional.

Understanding the marketing needs of your business an expert can help you to present right content to the right people and ultimately lead them to sales.


Marketing being an integral part of the search engine optimization

  • Affiliate marketing:

Some basic marketing skills and understanding of affiliate marketing is an important consideration. Affiliate marketing from SEO front is focused on discovering products that have great scope in search traffic and have affiliate products that offer commissions per sale. So, there are certain chances that you might need the help of affiliate marketing to boost your sales, or you might just choose to do affiliate marketing for others. In both the cases, your eCommerce SEO expert would be the one who can guide the proceedings.

  • Email marketing:

Emails have been in the industry for a very long time and still they are one of the most accessible marketing tools. Various business communication, promotions, follow-ups are done using the same. An SEO expert need not be an email marketer, but a basic understanding of how one can use emails for link building, follows-ups, and other purposes would be an addon.

4. Prioritization Skills-

SEO is undoubtedly broad and so are the different levels. Thus, it requires a skill to plan different ways to get desired results. An SEO expert is the one who should know what to be done and when to be done.

So, in order to execute an SEO strategy, you have to decide the goals and their priorities so that the most important goals are achieved first. Deciding the priorities of the task to be performed is a crucial task. Well, it cannot be done at once, but you need to start somewhere, and that somewhere has to be decided by an SEO expert you would count on.

Moreover, It’s not just about finding an expert with the prioritization skills to promote contents, but there are tons of SEO tactics and factors which need an attention. For example, there has been a debate about targeting Long tail Keywords. While there are tons of articles in support of long tail Keywords, there are a similar number of views in support of changing our views about long tail keywords. Despite this debate, long tail keywords exist and they even perform for the websites.

Now, if your SEO expert is not able to prioritize the tactics and choose a side under such situations when one to take a side, your website will just stick somewhere in between. The concern is, there is a lot of debate and lots of contradictions in different SEO tactics. You should consider an SEO expert who can go beyond the debates to take a decision that would be beneficial for your SEO.

5. Research and Analytics skills-

The skill sets are crucial when it comes to research and analytics in search engine optimization. An expert has to research keywords, rivals, search engine fluctuations, new algorithm updates, and much more. If one cannot’ research correctly, then putting an effective SEO plan is next to impossible for him/her.

As explained in previous sections, an SEO professional has to take decisions and prioritize things. It cannot be done until one is aware of what is to be done.

  • You will not always have a paper showing the stats, it is the SEO expert who is going to analyze the trends and prepare a report to guide the team.
  • It should be he/she, who would guide your content marketing team to produce contents according to what is needed.
  • It should be he/she, who should be aware of the changing search algorithms and mold the strategies accordingly.

Google Penguin update, for example, was a huge alteration in what Google used to do earlier and what it started doing later. After Penguin being a part of the Google’s core algorithm, the way we have been looking at Google Penguin was changed completely. Someone hasn’t done a research on the new Penguin update would continue to perform the old way, and would definitely destroy the Google SEO on whatever website he/she is works on.

Adam Audette, says “Content is ANYTHING that creates a compelling experience. But it’s so much more because you quickly realize that you can’t really know which content types to create until you understand which content types people want.”

This is why, you need an SEO expert with certain skills to research the needs of the users and present them with relevant content from your website. An SEO expert without these skill-sets cannot prove to be useful for your website and business. So, choose wisely before hiring any SEO professional to work with your website.    Description: E-Commerce SEO is a very broad area and you have to be very careful while hiring someone to work on it. Choose an SEO expert who has these skills.

Why focus on enhancing your Local SEO Services?

Why focus on enhancing your local SEO services? | Velsof

Local SEO is the new trend in advancing your conversion rates.

Expanding the reach of your business so as to connect with a large base of customer is what every enterprise wish to achieve. However, in order to achieve the same, the adoption of proper methods and techniques is of prime significance. Enhancing your local SEO services is one such area where you should focus so as to make your business bloom and reach to a wider audience.

Before we go further to discuss the reasons why local SEO service is important, we shall first understand what it is?

What it is?

Local SEO is an effective technique for local online marketing which allows the business owners to target the local audience.It wants them to reach to the target audience in the area where the  business is established. With local SEO, the main focus remains on targeting local customers who can directly reach to your business by online or offline medium.

Why to focus on local SEO?

Why to focus on local seo? | Velsof

Local SEO enhancement has resulted in boosting growth for various local entities.

As you have got a basic idea about what Local SEO exactly means, we will now look on the reasons why it is so important for your business development.

1. Changing trend: Instead of looking into directory or searching the phonebook, 64% of the customer today prefer to search online for their local business needs. This means that you are surrounded by the wider market around you. Now all you need to do is increase your visibility. With enhancing your visibility in local search results, you get a more certain chance of repeated conversions.

2. Bang on time: Local SEO helps you to connect with the customer exactly at a time when they are in need of your services. That is, there are higher chances for you to convert the visitor into a converted customer if your visibility on the internet is optimum.

3. Investment with returns: Unlike other methods of advertisement, investment in local SEO services  pays a richer dividend. No doubt, other modes of advertisement can also help you boost your visibility to attract the customer’s eye. However, local SEO enhancement boosts your visibility at a time when the customer is actually looking for you.

4. Newspaper trend is gone: Gone are the days when people used to search for their local needs on newspaper classifieds. With newspaper readership declining to almost 20% in last two decades, internet search is the new buzz. A whooping 70% of local customers back online review before making a choice from the locally available services.

5. Increased mobile penetration: With increasing mobile penetration more and more number of traffic is driven by these devices. In order to capture a wider base of local audience, you need to optimize your SEO services not only in tune of PC and desktops but also in accordance with these devices.


The increase in the digital media penetration has given a whole new dimension to the field of promotion and marketing. Today your business’s value is highlighted by the fact that how well is your visibility on the digital platform. In the era of digitization and visualization, local SEO service enhancement is an area where you should shift your focus if you are eyeing a bumper growth for your business.

How to improve your site SEO? (Part 2)

How to improve your site SEO? | Velsof

Pay attention towards your online rankings for getting higher customer engagement and online popularity.

It is no wonder that businesses are now giving extra emphasis on SEO services due to the changing business scenario. The businesses around the world has taken a paradigm shift and has become more internet centric than before. Due to this changed scenario, having an effective online visibility and presence on major search engines has become the need for various business entities around the world. With this increasing madness for higher online visibility and presence, SEO has occupied the center- stage once again. If you want to make a stronger mark in your business area, you need to have a proper knowledge about various SEO tips that can be the game changer for you.

1. Make improvements in the various areas of your site- SEO activities are the sum total of “big and small things” that can together provide a new direction to your business entity on various search engine result pages (SERPs). Within gradual pace of time, you need to pay adequate attention towards various parameters like H1 tags, content length, internal and external links, ads, images, text formatting, bullet points and other such components. The sole attention and focus from meta descriptions and title tags has been distributed widely across above mentioned site elements which collectively has a significant weightage on search engine rankings.

2. Don’t overlook the slow speed of your website- It is open now that a delay of few seconds  can have a severe impact on the conversion rates, growth and sales of an eCommerce store. But, don’t assume that site speed is just a core issue for online stores only as non eCommerce business entities can also lose a considerable amount of customers if they are not loaded within an appropriate time. The ideal site loading time is 2- 3 seconds which means that online users have become increasingly impatient and it is a warning sign for business entities who have been ignoring this important KPI for a while. But, you need not to panic as you are always free to avail the amazing result oriented SEO services of Velocity for making a strong presence on various search engine result pages (SERPs).

3. Scrutinize your inbound and outbound links- Links have a tremendous impact on the visibility and popularity of your site among your targeted customers as people want to engage with a business entity which is known and recommended by other businesses. You need to focus on inbound and outbound links on your site content so as to achieve higher online credibility. Remember that healthy, informative and trust worthy links can boost up your search engine optimization activities to a great extent, so ignoring it could prove to a biggest mistake for your business entity. If you want to know more about the importance of links in the search engine territory, you need to check out the various Webmaster Guidelines as provided by Google search engine giant.

If you are passionate about improving the worth and online presence of your site on search engine rankings, these are the three golden SEO tips that need your immediate attention. So, stop indulging in various hit and trial mechanisms as it will only waste your time, money and efforts in the long run.

How to improve your site SEO? (Part 1)

How to improve your site SEO | Velsof

Optimize the presence of your site on search engines for higher conversions and sales.

With the gradual development of Internet over the years, the role of search engine optimization has also changed drastically. It has taken a long leap from the usual keyword targeting and stuffing as the search engine algorithms have become much smarter than before. If you are not having an effective online presence and visibility on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and such others, you will certainly lose the critical key performance indicators like conversion rates, product sales, site traffic and much more. This would be a severe blow to the business aspirations and interests of your company in the long run. If you want to remain immune from the effect of search engines on the performance of your business entity, you need to follow these extraordinary SEO tips without any doubt.

1. Locate keywords in an effective manner for grabbing customer attention- Just, as the right key can open a lock, so only the high ranking keywords can grab maximum customer attention for your business. If you are not having any idea about the right keyword phrases for your store, you need to take the assistance of tools like Google Keyword Planner which can provide a detailed insight about various keywords like long tailed keywords, LSI keywords, related keywords and much more. Once, you are aware about which keywords you need to target, it will be much easier for you to grab the instant attention of your targeted readers. Don’t begin your search engine optimization journey without any clear idea about the keywords in order to save your time, money and efforts from getting wasted. Apart from this, it will increase the success chances of your SEO campaigns for the stupendous growth of your business entity.

2. Maintain the authenticity and originality of your content- There can’t be anything worse for the online rankings of your site than a copied or non- authentic content. It not only affects the customer engagement but also makes a severe dent on the prestige and reputation of your business entity. You need to be extra vigilant that your content is free from plagiarism, unnecessary keyword stuffing and other such factors that tends to affect the rankings of your site on major search engines. To check the originality of your content, you can utilize the tools like CopyScape, SiteLiner and others for figuring out the copied content that can be suicidal for the growth and expansion of your business.

3. Pay attention on your site navigation and internal links- Site navigation is an important criteria that can keep visitors engaged to your particular site. Work towards improving the user experience of your clients in order to achieve higher conversions and sales through a seamless navigation around your site. Some of the elements that can contribute in an appealing and navigation friendly site are mobile responsive web design, selective use of flash players and heavy graphics, proper spacing, strong internal link architecture, minimal design and other such components. You need to ensure that there are no broken and bad links on your site that could pose a significant problem in your website navigation and accessibility. If you want to achieve a robust and amazing website design and navigation, you can take the help of our SEO services that come with most pocket friendly price.

Check out these SEO tips for ensuring a mind blowing performance and visibility of your site on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and such others. If you can follow these valuable tips, your business will certainly have a better online rankings and visibility for outstanding business future. It is definitely your chance to emerge as an undoubted champion in your particular business segment.

E-Commerce SEO Services- A life saving therapy for your online Business

E- Commerce SEO services- A life saving therapy for your online business | Velsof

Get amazing SEO services for your eCommerce store for obtaining optimum business results.

E-Commerce is all about buying and selling products in an online business environment. If you are not having an effective online presence and visibility on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others, you can’t expect to achieve a lion’s share of conversion rates and product sales among your rivals. Brand visibility and awareness is directly proportional to the product sales achieved by an online store. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to keep your focus and attention towards your SEO services in order to achieve bumper sales. We are glad to inform you that our company, Velocity is capable to provide exceptional SEO services to your eCommerce business entity for rewriting a new success story. Here is a quick overview of all the services that comes bundled with our SEO services for your eCommerce store.

1. On- Page SEO- Getting higher visibility and ranking on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and such others is not an one time effort but it is more a constant efforts that comprises of the following activities. You need to take a look at all those On- Page eCommerce SEO services that are provided by Velocity to its targeted customers.

2. Defining of URL for each page- In order to grab higher ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs), it is important to include targeted keyword in the page title and URL of a web page. While deciding the URL for your web page, you need to ensure that the keywords are included in H1 and H3 tag and try to include the keyword in the starting of your page title.

3. Effective selection of keyword- Selection of the right keyword will only drive the required customer engagement and site traffic on your site. You need to include the keywords at the proper instances in your content for getting effective customer engagement but try to avoid the over stuffing of keywords into your content that could eliminate its effectiveness on search engine algorithms. The selection of the right keywords forms one of the main component of our eCommerce SEO services that can change the entire course of your online business entity.

4. Optimization of the web content- Search engines have become much smarter and are paying more attention on semantic context rather than the keyword selection and stuffing. Due to this changing scenario, the content needs to be authentic, informative and relevant to the topic in order to get the maximum attention from the readers. With our eCommerce SEO services, we can help in improving the appeal and worth of your web content for driving maximum sales and conversion rates.

5. Appropriate density of keywords- The optimum keyword density for a content is around 2%. You need to include the keywords according to the requirement of the content and not just for the sake of search engine bots. Unnecessary keyword stuffing decreases the relevancy and importance of a content and could even invite penalty from the search engines.

6. Off- Page SEO- With our eCommerce SEO services, you can take all the required steps that can help in improving the visibility and presence of your website on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and such others. Our skilled SEO professionals will provide the following off- page SEO services to your company for getting required business results.

– Submission of various articles and write- ups for your site.
– Directory submission for your website.
– Setting up of blogs.
– Use of forum posting.
– Effective link building and authority for your web pages.
– Blog commenting for getting required customer attention.
– Search engine submission for your site content.

Explore chances of maximum sales and conversion rates for your eCommerce store with the brilliant support of our eCommerce SEO services that are simply unmatched and unique when compared to other rivals. We can provide the required boost and push to your eCommerce store through our years of experience, global business exposure, affordable price and time bound results. For more information and assistance, do call Velocity on this number +1 (424) 653-6907 or mail us at this mailing address inquiry@velsof.com for getting the required eCommerce results.