5 SEO Factors that may Make Or Breake your eCommerce Conversions

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It is a usual tendency to assume that the traffic is going to roll into the web store based on the quantity and quality of the product. This is one of the biggest myths of the eCommerce ecosystem. With the introduction of multiple eCommerce stores and mostly everyone delivering the same services, it is difficult for the store owners to completely rely on a single factor for making better sales. It will result to some unexpected results.

The effective use of search engine optimization techniques can improve the conversion rate of your web store. One of the ways to reach out to maximum customers is to make it to the top of the search engine results pages (SERP). Thus, the eCommerce SEO enables the website to rank high in the Google SERP. It helps the web store owner to reach customers well and optimize their eCommerce site in order to make maximum possible conversions.

According to a survey, around 60% of the traffic goes to the top 3 search results of the search pages. Thus, it becomes very important for the websites to reach as close to that top 3 mark as possible. The eCommerce SEO work with primary aim of improving the web store ranking in the SERP by optimizing the web store using various techniques. \

The following are some of the SEO aspects that the store owner needs to considers and might be the reasons that your eCommerce conversions are going down.

Website structure

Website structure

The site structure is one of the key factor for search engines to find you. If the website is structured wisely and proper inter-linking is done, then, it becomes quite easy for the search engine crawlers to find out the website. Apart from that a well-organized, a well-designed website structure also proves as a medium of good interface between the user and the store. This provides the customer with better experience and ultimately fulfilling the purpose of providing the customers with a store where they can easily find and purchase products.



The search made by the customers for a particular search is always based upon the keywords. Therefore, the web stores must make sure that the composition of the keywords in the website is in right proportion. It will make it easier for your target audience to find you on the search engine. The online store must make a list of all the keywords that they want to include. These keywords should find their relevance in the site’s content. Moreover, it should be evenly distributed throughout the website. The stores must not make an excessive use of keywords. Moreover, the better selection of keywords make the web store easily available and relatable to the customers.

Title tag and description

Knowband Title tag and description

The title tag is one of the important factor that plays a crucial role in increasing the traffic of the website. After the flashing up of website in SERP, the first thing that visitors see is the title tag. Therefore, the owner must be very precise in using the title of the content in the wen store. The use of title tag must be accurate and it must contain 1 or 2 keywords along with the brand name. It helps in making the choice easy for the visitors. The same runs for meta-description. The owner must try to keep it short and precise. Actually the meta-description is the first thing that a visitor sees before paying a visit to the web store and giving a brief introduction about the website to the visitor. A bad description may decrease the click rate on the website.

Interlinking of the contents


The internal links of the website are an important aspect of the on-page SEO. The linking of the website pages must be done in a proper manner. The better interlinking proves to be efficient form to relate the various content on the website with each other. Most of the time, the search engine will make an evenly search throughout the website to find the relevant keywords matching the user’s input. Hence, if the distribution of the keywords in the website is better than it is given priority during the search.

Alt-texts for images

Alt-texts for images

One of the established rule for the search engine reading of the website content is that they don’t read images. Therefore, the website must prevent the excess usage of images in order to provide the information to the visitors. Instead, making the use of alt-images will help the website in improving its ranking during the search results. The owners must make sure that they do make use of certain keywords while incorporating the use of alt-texts for images. It will help in making the search result more precise for the website.

Over to You

The inclusion of SEO has proved to be a very effective point in improving the rate of conversions by betters search results. Most of the time, the website needs to make use of better SEO aspects in order to learn about the flaws and pitfalls in the existing method of making the website more approachable. The key to gain more conversions and better sales is to avoid the SEO mistakes by refining the search for the customers, so that you are easily discoverable.


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