5 Tricks To Get Positive Star Rating And Reviews On Your Mobile App


The opinion of others matters a lot in the buying decision of an individual, especially when on the online platform. While the android mobile apps users have 2.8 million and the IOS users have 2.2 million options to choose from, the storage space in the phones of the users is limited. Moreover, as per a study, 80 to 90 percent of all downloaded apps are used once and then eventually deleted by users. This is where the roles of reviews come into play. The ratings and reviews can affect the app positively or negatively.

Mobile App Review

So, the very first question arises is why are the app ratings necessary? Here are some of the reasons for the same.

  • In the search results of the app store or search engine, the apps with higher ratings appear higher, thus, the possibility of their downloads is higher.
  • In the App Store, the ratings are taken into account for search results and top chart rankings. Regardless of the platform, the rated positively are less prone to fluctuate in the app ranking charts.
  • Even from the prospect of a user, they hesitate in using the app with a low star rating. Reading the reviews and experience of the existing user before downloading an app is the common tendency of the users.
  • Along with this, the ratings of the users play a vital role in optimizing the position of the app on the store. No matter how efficiently you have worked on the mobile app development, the ratings are essential.

Even though providing the ratings and reviews is just a click away from the user, you just can’t expect it to happen all by itself. People obviously won’t head back to the app store and write the review. They would rather take an extra step to file their complaints.

Here’s a list of the tips and tricks that can help you attract positive reviews from the users. Check them out.

Bribe the reviewers

People hate when they popups and messages asking for reviews or ratings. However, giving the users some monetary benefits in return for the reviews can help increase the number of ratings. Give reward points for every review posted on the app store. This is one of the most used methods in the gaming app. However, you can even use it in mobile eCommerce stores. The points earned can be redeemed by the users in the next purchase. This will even give you the much-needed review and compel the users to make the next transaction through your app. The online customers love getting reward points and free stuff. While the popups asking for reviews are annoying for them at times, they may click on the review button if there are chances for getting a gift in return.

Provide limited review options

The very first step to attracting positive reviews is to keep your services intact. However, even if your services are top-notch, you can still guarantee to get good ratings. Hence, limiting the choices of the reviewers is one of the ways to reduce the risk of negative reviews. One of doing this is by using the popups like the one shown below.

Provide limited review options

In such cases, the options are limited. The users will either rate you good or will discard your services completely. In the latter, you can take the conversation further by asking for the pitfalls and the customer support can take it further from there. Also, you’ll have more positive reviews than the negative ones if you go for this rating method.

Limit the negative review

One way of optimizing your the rating position of your app is by limited the bad reviews. Instead of running after 5-star reviews, see what you can learn from the 1-star reviews. The mobile app (Android, iOS) can’t be tested completely unless it finds a place in the handset of the end user. The key is to fix the bugs and the problems being faced by the users as soon as possible. Once the app has entered the real market, it is up to the customer support to manage its rating. Install performance alert in real time that can allow you to fix any new issue raised by the user. Make the user experience smooth and handling the indifferences appropriately is the only way ensure customer satisfaction.

Integrate a real time customer support

It is not that the customers enjoy giving the negative reviews, but they just want their queries to be resolved promptly. One of the ways to deal with their problem is to provide them with a real time chat with your support team. This way the problems will be directly addressed to you without getting posted on the app store. Including the ‘Send Feedback’ button on your app is common, but providing a chat option is better. Integrate auto-responders such as ‘Our customer care executive will get back to you shortly’. The one-to-one message exchange system helps you to go beyond a pre-populated feedback form and deliver a great customer support experience.

Find the right time

It is important to ask for the reviews the right way. You need to be modest while taking the feedback of the customer. Ask the question, do not bug them with constant pop ups. The time to ask for the reviews matters the most. A better way to raise the review prompt is to wait until the user has finished with his/her intended task. As per Dan Counsell of Realmac Software, the prompt occurs after a few conditions have been met. First, the user must use the app for a few weeks. Second, the user must clear the remaining tasks from a list. Interrupting the users while using the application and asking for the review is the most inappropriate and annoying time. Give them some time to get a hands on the application and then send the prompt.

Over to you

Think from the user’s prospect and find out what works and what doesn’t. Do a bit of research, optimize your customer support to boost your business and find innovative ways to attract reviews.


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