What are the benefits of using PrestaShop for your eCommerce website?

What are the benefits of using PrestaShop for your eCommerce website? | Velsof
PrestaShop provides you with an effective CMS choice for your website.

Developing your eCommerce website is the most crucial part of shifting your business online. In order to expand the reach and status of your business online, you need to make sure that your website has all the elements required to present itself as a tough competitor in the market. The first step in this direction comes with the selection of an effective eCommerce platform. Out of the various CMS and eCommerce platforms available in the market, choosing the best for your website is crucial. To make your job easy, we will here discuss the various benefits that you can avail in case you opt for PrestaShop as an eCommerce platform for developing your website.

Open source platform

Being an open source platform, PrestaShop allows you to make a cost-effective switch for your business to the online arena. Moreover, in the case of start-ups, this is even more effective as arranging for a specific platform for your eCommerce website can prove to be very costly.

Responsive themes

Keeping the fact in mind that the traffic and conversions are driven by mobiles and tablets, these days you cannot afford your website to lag behind on this front. A responsive website is the need of the hour. PrestaShop CMS caters to this need by allowing you to choose from various responsive themes available on its platform that too with the option of various free themes. You can effectively utilize these themes to build an attractive and visitor-friendly website.

SEO compatible

Being an SEO friendly platform, PrestaShop allows you to boost your SEO by attaining higher SERPs. The codes generated by PrestaShop are easily compatible with standard SEO strategies and allows your business to gain maximum reach through your digital extension. The SEO friendly URL in PrestaShop is a major USP of this eCommerce platform.

Multi-language feature

Catering to the global needs of your business, the PrestaShop platform comes with a multilingual feature, so as to, provide deeper market penetration for your website. A multilingual feature with all the major language support provides you a platform to present your business internationally and to enhance the global image of your business. Going beyond the boundaries can certainly boost the conversion charts of your business by the virtue of a wide extended customer base.

Final say

By loading your website with the above-mentioned features, PrestaShop certainly proves itself as an effective choice. The various free updates and themes only add on to its credibility. Keeping in mind the trends and developments in the eCommerce arena, PrestaShop carries all the capabilities of an effective eCommerce platform to keep your website running in the long run.


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