3 Tips to make your Newsletter more appealing

3 tips to make your newsletter more appealing | Velsof
Newsletter subscriptions are a great way to boost customer engagement and sales.

With more and more people spending times reading emails, online businesses need to design a smart and efficient email marketing strategy which can maximize their business reach and product sales. Newsletter marketing has been a paramount force in grabbing more subscriptions for your newsletter to boost sales and conversions. This is mainly because they do not take substantial time for providing results and improves eCommerce sales to a great extent.

You need to have an engaging newsletter that can grab instant customer attention and sales for your site. There is no need to have a newsletter if it can’t fulfill the required business aspirations of your site. You need to take care of the following tips during your web development process that can help in improving the worth and importance of your newsletter.

1. Make your newsletter more engaging-

Make your newsletter more engaging | Velsof
Work towards improving your newsletter design for better conversions and sales.

Don’t go for a newsletter that is too lengthy or overstretched for your targeted customers as it can be suicidal for your business growth. People are always looking for creativity while reading a content which itself explains the actual format of a newsletter. In order to grab the maximum customer attention, you need to have appealing images with your newsletter. This is because “A picture is always more effective than a thousand word content” and requires less space. Always, go ahead and post images because it adds credibility to your brand and enhances its look to improve readership. Take the help of web designing services that can offer you an impressive newsletter for your site.

2. Focus on the readability of your newsletter- Getting people read your newsletters is actually a tough task. If you want your prospective customers to turn into potential customers, it is important to drive them towards your newsletter. Try to build a relationship with your targeted customers in order to persuade them for a product purchase. Try to have a newsletter that is loaded with researched information rather than copied content from a website to improve reader interest and engagement. To make your newsletter more readable, you can use engaging CTA button, color images, text links and other site elements for higher conversion rates and customer engagement.

3. Work towards improving your email subject lines-

Work towards improving your email subject lines | Velsof
Email subject lines can help in increasing newsletter subscriptions for your site.

Use a subject line that is captivating and appealing for your site visitors in order to grab more newsletter subscriptions for your site. An Email subject line defines whether an email will be opened or discarded by the recipient so make them more crisp and engaging for your targeted customers. Try to write subject lines that have a conversational tone and can make people curious enough to open your email. Fascinating, compelling, benefit-driven email subject lines motivates readers to open promotional emails and thus increases the chances of your eCommerce conversions.

In fact, shorter subject lines can easily be read on smart phones and tablets as well, thereby increasing click through rates (CTR) of your emails. With better readability and accessibility on mobile devices, it will be much easier to boost sales, online reputation management and conversions of your store.


If implemented in the right way, newsletters can generate great value for online businesses by developing a long term relationship with clients. By adopting the crucial tips given above, more and more people will opt for your newsletter. This will definitely increase the customer base, conversion rates and business reach of your site. Hire a reputed eCommerce services provider company coupled with a power-packed newsletter for maximum business impact. You will be wondered by the overall impact a newsletter can bring to your online business.


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