How Velocity provides the world Class PrestaShop Template Development Services?

Velocity provides the world Class PrestaShop template development services | Velsof
Get world class PrestaShop Templates with the ability to provide you an underhand against your rival sites.

Mobile users are dominating in the market. Today most of the web traffic comes from the mobile platform. The mobility has provided the users with the easiest accessible ways to buy their favorite products online anytime they want. A recent survey says that optimizing your site to serve the mobile users is exactly a way to have a competitive advantage and one of the best conversation optimization strategies.

Having a responsive site design is impossible without having a responsive template. For a PrestaShop site, the generic template too is responsive and provides a great ease of browsing through the mobile devices. Looking at this, we at Velocity has always been providing our clients with the best responsive and customized PrestaShop templates that are capable of creating an enticing user experience with the most optimized performance level. Creating the responsive PrestaShop templates that are fully competent to provide you with an upper hand against your fellow PrestaShop site owners.

Velocity offers Template development and customization services for your PrestaShop site. The design of PrestaShop Templates are very user-friendly and can be customized in just a few clicks. These templates not only customize the look and feel of your site but also customize the shopping experience for your customers.

Here are some upper hand that you get from PrestaShop template development and customization services at Velocity:

Fully Responsive: The templates developed at Velocity are responsive to a large range of mobile devices. From android, i OS, to windows phone, and a large range of screen sizes are supported by these templates.

Fully standardized coding convention: Our developers and designers follow the standards of W3C. This standard of coding is worldwide accepted and is understood by the developers and designers all over the globe.

SEO friendly: One of the easiest ways to attract mobile users is to provide the responsive themes or templates. Because our templates are quite responsive it imparts a positive impact on the Google’s algorithms which use the responsiveness as a metric to rank pages in the Google SERPs. The more your site supports the diversity of user the more customers it will get online. This increase in traffic will surely impact the Google with a positive effect in terms of SEO.

On time service delivery: We believe that time is the only factor that decides the importance of a trend or any necessity. If we are not able to deliver a service on correct time then it is of no use. That is why we are very serious about commitments and never cross the time limit that we commit to providing an eCommerce service.  We have dedicated teams of developers, designers, testers, and support associates who make sure that a service is always delivered on time.

Best customer support: We provide the best eCommerce support and have secured a trust in our customers just because of the kind of customer support we provide. The customers spread across the globe are the proof of our commitment to providing the world-class customer support.

Not only PrestaShop services, we are leading eCommerce services providers in various domains like OpenCart, Magento, SharePoint and much more. For the time we can assure that we have already worked on a large number of PrestaShop templates and have the ability to satisfy our customers with the world class and quality services.


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