How Social Login is a better alternative to the traditional login options?

Social login is not new to the eCommerce platform. In fact, most of the eCommerce and general sites have already adopted this method of signing into their sites. For most of the eCommerce sites, social login is a way to attract customers from their rival sites who do not yet possess this option yet on their sites. E-commerce social login allows a user to sign in to your site’s customer account with their social media credentials. For the first login, they have to accept some permissions to share the social account data and later from the second login; they are directly allowed to login to your site without any hassle.

eCommerce Social Login Services | Velsof
An example to show the parallel integration of regular login page with a social login page.

E-commerce social login saves the customers from the hassle of creating an account and remembering its credentials. There are some impeccable benefits from using an eCommerce social login on our sites. I am going to discuss some of the paramount merits here:

Hassle of manual sign up is removed-

Social login will eliminate the need of manual sign up process on your site. It will utilize the social media credentials to create a customer account on your site, and the same credentials will be allowed to use while logging into your site any time after that.  So, the hassle of sign up is completely removed how ever you can still show your traditional sign-up form on your site in parallel to a social login option. This will allow both the types of accounts om your site.

Hassle of remembering the passwords is removed-

Using a social login option allows a user to log in to any site with the social account credentials. Thus, it eliminates the burden of remembering the tricky and separate passwords for all the sites individually. The user just has to remember his social media credential and he can utilize it to create an account in seconds on any site using the social media option.

Checkouts conversion rate is improved exponentially-

A large number of checkouts are left incomplete just because of the sign-up requirements at the time of checkout. Allowing an eCommerce social will enable a guest customer to quickly login to your site and make a purchase as the registered customer. Thus, it helps a site to engage a customer at the checkout page where the links for social media login is also given at the checkout page.

Thus, utilizing a social login option on your eCommerce sites is a better idea that will drive conversions by providing an improved user experience for the customers on your site. Velocity is a leading plugin and extension development company which also works of for the eCommerce social login integration. You can contact us for any kind of eCommerce services in your domain.


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