Role of Page Title Optimization in eCommerce SEO

A perfect and informative eCommerce page title can help you lure the best interested customers to your site from various other platforms like social media, PPC campaigns, banner advertising, search engines and other such marketing strategies. If you ask any search engine optimization service, they will tell you the importance of a good page title which you can get with a little but a high value effort in the right direction.

The page title is an important element of any web page that shows up in the most prominent places like the result pages, social media posts and other such areas. These are the crucial areas of any search engine optimization service that could generate a lot of conversions for your site. So, considering a better page title for your web pages is definitely worth a try. Let us take a look-

Role of page title optimization in eCommerce SEO | Veslof
Page titles are meant to be wholly descriptive and are useful for generating maximum customer attention.

Give page titles that are best suited to the interests of people-

Page title possesses a very significant and specific role which describes the contents of any page very precisely and briefly. It help interested web surfers in getting the whole idea behind your page without the need for a visit to the page itself. Well, this could sound anti-conversion, but it is actually a distant vision where you could convert your pages by providing as much burden-less experience to the search engine and social media visitors.

Pages that provide customers knowledge about the content without any need to visit them get more conversions than the pages which appeal for a necessary visit. You can provide an accurate page title accompanied by a brief yet perfect page description which can persuade the visitors to visit that particular page.

What should be the structure of your “for the people” page title?

Various search engine optimization services and experts recommend that the pages should include one or two descriptive, short phrases that are separated with a hyphen.

Keyword phrase one – phrase two | Brand name

For Example,

Mobile Phones Online Shopping |

Polo T-Shirts for Men – Buy Polo T-Shirts for Men on Myntra

Please notice that these page titles describe all a searcher needs and they are much helpful to them. These page titles enable the searchers to get the complete idea about the web pages without actually visiting them.

Considering the basic structure, the detailed analysis in terms of page title, length, word choice and clarity of the page, title becomes an important part of the SEO strategy for better online visibility of a site.

Moreover, if you give a very long page title, search engines will shorten them by omitting the characters at random. For example, here you can see a long page title that has been shortened in the search results by placing 3 dots in place of the characters.

T-Shirts for Men – Buy Polo T-Shirts for Men Online India… – ShopClues

The choice of words in the page title is the most important consideration as they help in maintaining the integrity of the page towards search results. We should Always be specific with the choice of words while writing a page title. Apart from this, make use of most searched keywords that can also help in SEO performance of your page.

Please do not overuse words in the page titles as they can affect the relevancy of the page during search results.

Finally, I will repeat my words that you should always remember that page titles are meant for the people and you need to ensure that they are well understood and reached to them. You must remember all these points while performing a page title optimization for your site or you can also opt for any of the best SEO services available in the market who will do this task for you with an expertise.


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