Facebook as a Tool for Digital Marketing

Facebook is one of the most visited websites in the world. Users around the world visit this site quite often for social engagement with family, friends and acquaintances. Using Facebook as a tool for marketing is one of the oldest ideas since the Facebook was launched. The social media marketing has gained a lot from various features of Facebook that has played a key role in the evolution of digital marketing. The reach of Facebook is not limited to a certain category but it has emerged as a platform for social connection to every category of population.

Facebook has emerged as a marketing platform from the beginning but due to its drastic evolution in last 1- 2 years, it is now providing separate features that are intended for marketing purposes. Its popularity among the marketing professionals has increased exponentially by the time. Regardless of what type of business you do, there is always a chance to find the potential customers on your Facebook business account.

Facebook’s sole marketing feature has evolved recently and it is based on the paid Ads and pay- per- click model. You can post Ads and manage them according to the payment and plan you have opted for. Facebook provides a control panel for Ads posting and management to business users. Here, you can check your Ads and track the current status regarding how many people it has reached to and how it is being displayed to the customers.

Use Facebook to target your potential customers

  • Facebook can utilize your existing follow-up data for marketing. That is, the customers and their contacts you already have in your database can be utilized to find them on Facebook for business engagement.
  • You can target the people who have liked your page and present them with suitable posts as well as updates regarding your products or services.
  • Target the people who have liked your competitor’s page because it means that those people have an interest in the type of products you deliver to the customers. Even if it may be from your competitor’s brand to optimize your business chances.
  • Target the audience regarding their specific interest, age, gender, marital status and present your products to them accordingly.
  • Facebook can reach the audience using any device and Ads can be optimized according to the device they use. The site is responsive to the multiple users that are utilizing different platforms. For example, PC, Mobile, Tablet, and other such devices.

Marketing techniques that are officially used by Facebook

1. Facebook Classic Ads

Facebook Classic Ads  | Velsof
Facebook classic Ads that are published by Facebook according to its own form and style.

Classic Ads on Facebook are those Ads which it publishes according to its own form. These Ads can be seen on the side columns of the Facebook page. These Ads are accompanied with a heading, an image and a clickable link on the Facebook page or the official website of the Ad or any other web page. Here is an example of a Facebook Classic Ad.

2. Posts which are promoted by Facebook

Posts which are promoted by Facebook | Velsof
Post of various pages are promoted by Facebook to extend the reach of those posts.

Posts promoted by Facebook is one of the Facebook marketing tool which can help in driving more traffic and conversions for a site. Here, users get notification and updates regarding the news feeds of the people that are followed by them. Each and every post of a page is provided with this facility. According to the type of services or packages chosen, the post is made visible to followers and friends of the business account holder on Facebook.

3. Sponsored stories

Sponsored stories | Velsof
Facebook sponsored stories are used to display your activities to your friends.

Facebook sponsored stories are the type of Facebook Ads where the interaction and activities of a person are shown to their friends. This feature in Facebook ads is intended to promote a particular post or idea by encouraging the person to do the same as his/her friend. This increases the number of likes and shares of the particular post by a Facebook user.

Facebook has emerged as a great tool for digital marketing. The marketing facilities it provide to its clients make it different from other social platforms. It has got a number of ways to target your audience and extend the reach of the Ads, post or activity reports of the sponsored stories.


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