How joining hands with Velocity will eliminate the issue of eCommerce Abandoned Cart from your site?

For eCommerce sites, a shopping cart is said to be abandoned when a particular virtual cart, on a site, is left unattended after adding products or items to it. Customers visit your site, browse different products, find something useful, and add it to their shopping cart, but just before making the payment, due to any reason, they discard the cart with the items loaded and exit your site. This orphan cart with loaded items is said to be an “Abandoned cart”.

eCommerce abandoned cart Services | Velsof
Prevent shopping cart abandonments on your site by joining your hands with Velocity.

Shopping cart abandonment is a common yet serious problem which is experienced by almost every eCommerce site. It imparts a very negative impact on the sales of the products and if not tackled properly, it has the potential to ruin your online presence to an enormous extent. In addition, it will not only ruin your online presence, but will also shake the trust and credibility of various other shoppers on your site. For dealing with this bad reputation and consequences of the cart abandonment, you need to have a proper knowledge of the reasons that force shopping cart abandonment on your site. Here are some of the reasons, identified by Velocity, that can cause the cart abandonments on your online store:

1. Your shopping cart is not capable of exposing all the cost associated with the purchase-

A large number of customers leave the cart abandoned when they find any hidden cost at the time of the checkout. There are several reasons that can cause additional charges-

a.) Addition of some special taxes 

b.) Addition of shipping cost

With velocity by your side, we recommend you to keep all the charges as exposed in the shopping cart itself. It is advised that you keep the shipping as a free service, as a large number of eCommerce sites are already providing a free shipping to their customers. If you do not provide so, customers will simply buy from any other site who is providing the free shipping.

2. Your website is very slow and it freezes or stops responding eventually

Customers get frustrated when they find a website to be slow or unresponsive. Many website owners host their website on poor performing servers, which is one of the reasons why customers leave a site and decide to buy from another alternative, faster website.

We at Velocity, help you get a faster site by providing a website customization service that will make your site clutter free and will also improve the loading time of your site.

3. Absence of an effective help desks service-

Websites who do not deploy an effective customer support system, loose a lot of conversions due this reason alone. Websites need to employ a quick, responsive, and supportive help desk for the customers so that the customers can easily contact you when they need some help with your site or your processes.

We help you by providing an efficient eCommerce help desk service to your eCommerce site. By utilizing this service your site will be capable of managing a large amount of grievances and complaints of the customers through an easy and effective ticket generating system.

4. Your websites has a slow and lengthy checkout process

Some websites have a very lengthy and slow checkout process. They ask the customers to fill a large number of details before allowing customers to confirm their purchase. This will surely make the customers irritated and they will finally close the window without checking out. Websites having a compact and concise checkout process are preferred more by customers due to their ease of checkout.

Our one-page checkout process has already gained a lot of fame among the various eComerce site owners and all the customers. This concise checkout process helps the websites to build a better customer engagement and finally results in an improved conversion rate of the site.

So, join your hands with Velocity now and we will provide you with a range of solutions to fight the issue of shopping cart abandonment on your eCommerce site.


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