Guest Posting – A Brief Introduction and its Importance in Building an Online Reputation

Let me be crystal clear, I am not going to give a lecture on rules and regulations of guest posting, neither I am giving some ultimate guide to guest blogging. It is just that I want to share some information based on my experience with this one of the effective search engine optimization technique which is flooding all over the internet. So, here are some of the insights that I have gained from my encounter with “The Guest Posting”.

If you are a complete freshman, marching your ways to this powerful tool on the internet requires complete understanding of the online scenario that is experienced by you. Let’s get familiar with this term first. So, what exactly is guest posting?

Guest posting - A brief introduction and its importance in building an online reputation | Velsof
Guest posting is used to build network of new readers for your contents.

Expanding the meaning of this term, guest posting or guest blogging means you are writing and publishing article(s) for someone else’s website or blog. We can say, it’s a more advanced form of third party blogging, with some additional features and functionalities. It is a great way to connect with more and more readers for your posts and getting yourself out as a popular blogger, if your content quality earns you that.

Point to note before you start- Guest posting doesn’t make your crap to gold, if you are a quality writer, it makes your gold to diamond. I expect myself to be a persuasive writer already before I take my steps forward to this network.

Why is guest posting a key methodology to build an impact on the internet ?

It all about building a relationship-

A good guest blogger is someone who adds value to someone else’s blog and by doing so, you build a relationship with other bloggers. Thus, increasing the extent of your network and making new friends ultimately which can inturn improve the performance of your site.

Bloggers are solely responsible for a large percentage of online conversations that occur on each day on the internet. Thus, making them responsible for a major proportion of traffic on the internet these days.

Backlinks (controlled) are good for search engine optimization-

For increasing the online ranking and worth of your guest posts, the host blogger must include a link of his/her writeup content like articles, blogs, comments and other such to your blog post. These reference links from your host bloggers are called as backlinks. It can be placed usually at the beginning or end of the post. Eventually, these backlinks will improve the link authority and page ranking of your guest blog post on various search engine result pages (SERPs). These backlinks make your contents easily discoverable via search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or others. Thus, guest posting matters a lot while we think about the search engine optimization.

Extending your reach to new audience- 

It’s the best part which I like about guest posting. You do not have to start with a whole new page, you can enter an already-established community and can share your contents in a seamless manner. So, you can effortlessly get a new audience for your contents if the writings are impressive. Trust me, if your contents are really impressive, you will receive a huge wave of audience among those already established communities.

To conclude, don’t be a hawker. Present yourself as a writer, not as a salesperson who sticks to his/her own agenda. Presenting your business as a solution to different issues would be a great idea if you are planning to sell something in your contents. Add value by helping people and ultimately you will end up in a win-win situation for your content as well as your business.


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