How is Social Media Shaping up the business around the world?

Social Media Optimization | Velsof
Each of the social media platform has its own way to promote your business online.

If we consider the social media as a country based on its population, Facebook is the largest country in the world. Just, imagine how many people in this entire world are using Facebook today. It’s not just the Facebook, it’s about the social media which is expanding its reach from towns to villages and from kids to grandparents. Let’s have a discussion of how this extent of social media has turned out as a shaping tool for various business activities in the contemporary world.

With the growing expansion of social media, it has not only changed the ways of communication, but it has also reciprocated the idea of doing business. It has opened the new course for social media marketing which is obtained in distinction to social media optimization.

Here are some instances where social media has been labeled as a tool for effective business marketing.

1. Social media has proved to be an effective marketing tool as compared to the other traditional marketing strategies. Digital marketing is the key component of each and every business unit operating in any part of the world. Through social media, businesses  get a chance to interact with their consumers and find out what people think of them.

2. Companies are hiring professional social media experts who can generate the sales through their social media marketing strategies.

3. Marketing of products have never been this convenient since the social media networks came into existence. Companies run their PR campaigns, brand awareness campaigns and advertisements on various social media platforms for getting maximum customer attention and sales.

4. Direct connections with the consumers can be established through the use of social network sites. People prefer to buy products or services recommended by their known ones. If companies can have direct connections with their target audience, then there is a chance that through targeted marketing strategies they could mark an impact on them.

5. Social media saves the money spent on huge traditional campaigns. Social media sites like Facebook provide paid services for advertisement. If companies are able to reach a large audience through these social networks only, then what is the need of spending too much money on traditional campaigns?

6. Brand awareness- Social media platforms act as a tool for brand awareness among consumers. Companies keep posting in regard to the various products and offers that they provide. People following their page might already get the notifications and for rest who do not follow, might get a Facebook classic Ad on their profile if the company is utilizing the Facebook paid services.

7. Due to social media’s extended reach to every corner of the world, it has been extremely convenient for the business set ups to reach a huge population in a short time. If you want to communicate with a company, you tend to look it up on Twitter. Find its verified account and post your query there with the appropriate hashtag. It’s not only the queries, you can actually have a conversation with their support executives on these social media platforms. For example, companies like Dell and HP provides instant online support to their customers on Twitter.

8. Companies are providing social media marketing support, social media optimization services to other companies as an outsourced service . Some companies having experience in social media optimization are providing the paid services to other business units for social network marketing and optimization of their business online.

In this era of social media, companies are preferring to have a personal and transparent relation with their customers. Traditional advertising and press releases still have their place but with the pace of social media advertising, a new type of communication channel has been established. Businesses who can adapt to the new culture have the chances of flourishing with which a promising shape of business could be created worldwide.


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