How can you manage the product feed on Amazon MWS?

How can you manage the product feed on Amazon MWS? | Velsof
product feed can be managed from the control panel provided by Amazon.

The product feed is a file which is made up of the list of various products and attributes that are required for a product to get visible properly in the store. Seller has to follow these steps for increasing their product visibility and sales on the Amazon Marketplace.

Step 1:

Product Feed- In product feed seller have to add details like Merchant ID, condition, title, data description type of product, theme for variation, type of operation SKU Number, Product bar code, etc.

Step 2:

Image Feed- Image feed is used to add the product image by sending the image URL on Amazon server. After you save the path for your image on your local machine, you need to send URL to Amazon with the Unique SKU number for the product.

Step 3:

Inventory Feed- In inventory feed the seller have to provide the following information:

Product quantity and status of the inventory whether it is merchant fulfilled or Amazon Fulfilled.

Step 3:

Price Feed- price feed is done in two ways:

a) Normal price addition

b) Special price addition for a special term only.

Step 4:

Relationship Feed- The feed is done to provide the variations in the products. A parent-child – relationship is established between a product and its variants. The variations could be product size, product color product specifications, etc.

These are the ways by which you can add the product feed on your Amazon MWS and get an improved sale and conversion rate for your products. The Amazon MWS is an effective way for various small online and offline store owner to get their products visible on a huge platform resulting in an improvement in sales and popularity among the customers.


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