How to improve your site SEO? (Part 2)

How to improve your site SEO? | Velsof
Pay attention towards your online rankings for getting higher customer engagement and online popularity.

It is no wonder that businesses are now giving extra emphasis on SEO services due to the changing business scenario. The businesses around the world has taken a paradigm shift and has become more internet centric than before. Due to this changed scenario, having an effective online visibility and presence on major search engines has become the need for various business entities around the world. With this increasing madness for higher online visibility and presence, SEO has occupied the center- stage once again. If you want to make a stronger mark in your business area, you need to have a proper knowledge about various SEO tips that can be the game changer for you.

1. Make improvements in the various areas of your site- SEO activities are the sum total of “big and small things” that can together provide a new direction to your business entity on various search engine result pages (SERPs). Within gradual pace of time, you need to pay adequate attention towards various parameters like H1 tags, content length, internal and external links, ads, images, text formatting, bullet points and other such components. The sole attention and focus from meta descriptions and title tags has been distributed widely across above mentioned site elements which collectively has a significant weightage on search engine rankings.

2. Don’t overlook the slow speed of your website- It is open now that a delay of few seconds  can have a severe impact on the conversion rates, growth and sales of an eCommerce store. But, don’t assume that site speed is just a core issue for online stores only as non eCommerce business entities can also lose a considerable amount of customers if they are not loaded within an appropriate time. The ideal site loading time is 2- 3 seconds which means that online users have become increasingly impatient and it is a warning sign for business entities who have been ignoring this important KPI for a while. But, you need not to panic as you are always free to avail the amazing result oriented SEO services of Velocity for making a strong presence on various search engine result pages (SERPs).

3. Scrutinize your inbound and outbound links- Links have a tremendous impact on the visibility and popularity of your site among your targeted customers as people want to engage with a business entity which is known and recommended by other businesses. You need to focus on inbound and outbound links on your site content so as to achieve higher online credibility. Remember that healthy, informative and trust worthy links can boost up your search engine optimization activities to a great extent, so ignoring it could prove to a biggest mistake for your business entity. If you want to know more about the importance of links in the search engine territory, you need to check out the various Webmaster Guidelines as provided by Google search engine giant.

If you are passionate about improving the worth and online presence of your site on search engine rankings, these are the three golden SEO tips that need your immediate attention. So, stop indulging in various hit and trial mechanisms as it will only waste your time, money and efforts in the long run.


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