A journey towards the Microsoft SharePoint Master Pages

A journey towards the Microsoft SharePoint Master Pages | Velsof
Get your master page customized as per your requirements for giving a new dimension to your business.

In this cut throat competitive world, it is extremely important to avail the services of Microsoft SharePoint for increasing the effectiveness and productivity of your business. This SharePoint is a popular web application platform that can play an effective role in web content management and document management system for a seamless business collaboration and efficiency. Now, you can encourage users to connect with each other for facilitating easy sharing of the information between colleagues and co- workers. With the support of this multi- purpose platform, you can effortlessly manage and provision intranet portals, extranets and websites, document management and file management, collaboration spaces, social networking tools, enterprise search and other such features. You need to have the support of an effective SharePoint development services like Velocity that is renowned not only in India but in overseas also.

A brief about the SharePoint Master Pages

SharePoint Master Pages are one of the important component of Microsoft SharePoint that is capable to provide interface and amazing layout of the web pages on a SharePoint site. Some of the common elements of this master page are header, navigation links, site action menu and such other components that are placed in the same area irrespective of the page that is being viewed by you. This allow users to identify the area where they are currently and helps in the seamless navigation around the site. The content which is location based on a site and keeps on changing while you are moving from the home page to other components of your site is present on the content page. However, when you see these SharePoint pages in a web browser, both of these content pages and master pages combine together to form a single page.

For scenarios like above, master page acts as a container that keeps all the sub components of a content page together along with the required code for rendering SharePoint development services and interface. It allows you to change the user interface or the brand of a SharePoint site through a seamless customization facility. Apart from this, you can create a new master page from the start or can make mind blowing changes with the help of an effective master page customization services. Our India based company, Velocity has been providing amazing services in this area for a long time and has given amazing Microsoft SharePoint development and customization services to its clients that are spread all across the world.

Now, you don’t have to roam everywhere for getting that out- of- the- box SharePoint development services for your business as our India based company, Velocity has all the expertise, resources and experience that can take your business to zenith. So, just give us a call on this number +91-120-4243310 or you can also drop your mail at our mailing address inquiry@velsof.com. For more information about our other SharePoint related services and other such expertise, you need to visit our website at www.velsof.com.


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