5 Areas Where Metadata Can Do Wonders For Your Ecommerce Store

There is a great deal of confusion about the existence and effect of metadata on the online rankings of a website. “To use or not to use it” is not the appropriate question but the real question is “how to make the optimum use of metadata” in order to improve the online presence and visibility of your eCommerce site. Metadata along with the structured data can play an important role in enhancing the click rates for your website and can drive huge customers towards your eCommerce store. By making appropriate improvements in the SEO results, online companies now stand a better chance in competing against their rivals in terms of conversion rates, product sales and site traffic. Here are the few areas where metadata can do a great job for the online popularity and conversion rate optimization of your website.

1. Title tag of your web page-

Title Tag Of Your Web Page | Velsof
Title tag of your particular company or product needs to be interesting for getting more customer attention.

An engaging title tag can ensure the effective online presence and visibility of your website on the search engine rankings. It increases the chances of effective indexing by the search engine crawlers for improving the online ranking of your web page. If the title tag of your content is evidently visible to your targeted customers, you would have an increased chances of being clicked and visited by your customers for improving product sales and conversion rates on your website.

2. Proper use of the structured data for breadcrumbs- Using structured data for the breadcrumb links does not guarantee an improvement in your online search rankings as this structured data is often left out by the Google during search engine display results. Most often, the URL of web pages are indexed by the various search engines and the other associated trailing data is not included in the search engine results. So, it is important to analyze the impact of structured data on your web page rankings for enhancing your site traffic and conversion rates. Although, use of structured data makes your web content more richer in snippets but it is not a sure shot reason that these would be used in every single search engine result for getting high customer traffic for your eCommerce website. So, use metadata in a wise manner for saving your efforts from getting being wasted.

3. Product ratings, pricing and reviews of the available products- Structured data is added to the product reviews and pricing for providing a rich snippet to these site elements that has the potential to grab the immediate attention of your targeted customers. With this eye catchy short descriptions about your product and its web content, eCommerce sites can improve their customer engagement and click rates on their web page and its related website. Further, these short snippets or metadata can create curiosity among people about your eCommerce website in an easier way and can get their attention towards your online store for improving your business fortunes. Use an engaging metadata for your product reviews and pricing for increasing the authenticity and click rates on your website.

4. Use metadata in the listing of the related products- Customers on an eCommerce store often gets to see numerous related products while searching for a particular product. This displaying of multiple related products are a common practice in the product listing pages and forum rankings. Although, this product listing is not because of the use of metadata but the click rate of the customers on these listed products are dependent on the snippets that are provided with each product on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

5. Utilize meta descriptions for your website content-

Use Metadata In The Listing Of The Related Products | velsof
Meta data about a particular product provides information about that product to online shoppers.

It is important to write engaging and eye catchy meta descriptions for your website content for improving its online presence and visibility on major search engine results. If you are not providing a visually appealing and attention grabbing metas for your content, it is likely that the search engines will use a combination of header and navigation elements for creating an ineffective description for your content that could diminish its attention grabbing and conversion ability. For search engines, the contents are displayed based on the relevancy of customer’s search queries and not on the basis of the description. In case of contents with no description, default description as selected by the search engine can act as a spoilsport for the website rankings and conversion rates for your eCommerce site due to the non- engaging meta description of your web content.

Although, metas may appear as a trivial element during the search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, it can have a tremendous effect on the online rankings and visibility of your website among your business rivals. Ignoring it will only lead to a loss of your online popularity, product sales, site traffic and conversion rates.


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