Drive The Performance And Usability Of Your Magneto Site Through Our Magento Theme Development Services

Website themes are an important integral part of a business organization and can keep visitors captivated to an e- commerce site. They play an effective role in boosting your site traffic and conversion rates as visitors get hooked to an appealing website theme. However, you need to be a bit careful while selecting any theme for your e- commerce website as it may affect your website loading speed, customer engagement and performance. Business organizations should select a theme that can effortlessly adapt to various screen sizes and doesn’t take much time in loading. However, this is not such an easy task as it may seem to and often e- commerce organizations have to contend with a non- productive, unappealing and heavy website theme that affects the overall performance of their Magento site. To help you in this crucial task, Velocity Software Solution Pvt. Ltd which is located in Uttar Pradesh (Noida), India can promise you an unmatched Magento theme development services that can take your Magento e- commerce site to greater heights. We can ensure a theme that is faster in loading, responsive in design, higher in features and is visually appealing to your targeted customers so as to improve your conversion rates and site traffic.

Journey of the Velocity in the field of Magento theme development

Our organization understands the importance of an effective website theme for an online business organization and is committed to provide you a theme that is truly superb in every aspect. Velocity is working diligently with its dedicated team of designers, developers and programmers to provide excellent themes to its targeted customers. The two foremost areas of our Magento theme services are

1. HTML to Magento theme conversion.

2. PSD to Magento theme conversion.

HTML to Magento theme conversion- With the help of our expert team of designers and developers, Magento site owners can be sure of an outstanding Magento theme by making necessary changes in the HTML coding of their website. Our themes will comply to all the set development guidelines and will work towards increasing your visitor’s engagement and conversion rates on your website. Some of the features of our theme development services are as follows:

– Making necessary configuration and optimization in your Magento site.

– Development of the themes based on the effective SEO friendliness, user navigation and mobile responsiveness.

– Adherence to various development standards like XHTML, HTML, CSS and W3C.

– Adaptability to various platforms and browsers along with necessary technical support.

PSD to Magento theme conversion- Our skilled team of designers and coders can provide you appealing themes for your Magento stores out of the PhotoShop files. You just need to provide us required PSD files to our organization and we will provide you an amazing theme from the scratch. Our professionals have years of experience and expertise in this domain and can provide you an effective website theme that can appeal and target your visitors in the most amazing manner. Here are some of the other services that are available along with this PSD to Magento theme conversion process.

– Installation of the Magento module.

– Development and customization of Magento based module and themes.

– Development of the customized extensions for Magento platform.

– Designing of the responsive themes for Magento stores.

– Website support and maintenance services.

So, with our company, Velocity, business organizations can get a Magento theme for their e- commerce website that is effective in terms of productivity, scalability, usability, loading speed, visual appeal and user navigation. Get you free quote now by engaging with our proficient designers and developers. All you need to do is just contact us through our mailing address or give us a call at our number +1 (424) 653- 6907. You can also explore our website, to know more about our services and areas of expertise.


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