How To Turn Your Magento Online Stores Into A More Mobile Friendly Site?

Exploring new areas for business growth is a top priority for every e- commerce organization and has the potential to influence the conversion rates of that organization to a great extent. Due to the increased influx of the smart phones and tablets in the global market, customers are now increasingly doing online shopping through their smart phones and tablets. This increasing trend is speaking the major shift in the consumer behavior and have made it mandatory for various e- commerce organizations to target their mobile customers exclusively in order to push their sales. It does not matter whether you are running a Magento based e- commerce store or any other platform based online store, the global reach and significance of the mobile customers is simply hard to ignore. Let us now discuss few points that can help you in improving your e- commerce site and make it more mobile friendly for effective targeting of your mobile based customers.

Work towards improving your site navigation and usability- Due to the limited size of the mobile screen and the restricted navigation facility, it is important to make your Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart or any platform dependent online store more mobile friendly so that customers can easily interact with your e- commerce site for improved conversion rates. Do not make your customers frequently switch between multiple pages so as to make an online purchase but rather try to make the whole process simplified with a clean user interface for an effective mobile site. Your mobile site should be designed keeping in mind the limited real estate area of your website and to minimize the user frustration experienced during multiple scrolling activity and difficult navigation throughout the site.

Make use of responsive design into your website- Now a days, numerous e- commerce sites are making use of responsive web design so as to make their website more adaptable to multiple computing platforms like desktops, laptops, smart phones or tablets. The working of a mobile responsive design is based on three factors namely- dynamic grids, flexible images and media queries that can easily detect the size of a user’s screen and can adapt themselves accordingly to fit the screen size of the customer’s device.

Understand the sole purpose of your mobile site- Before designing your website for the mobile customers, it is important to understand the mindset and intention of your customers while visiting your e- commerce site so as to make your mobile website more productive and user friendly. Getting important feedbacks and suggestions from your targeted customers can help you immensely in creating an effective mobile site for your online e- commerce store.

By understanding all these points effectively, you can easily make a decisive start in the field of mobile e- commerce site and can target your mobile customers more effectively. It will also ensure that your mobile site can make significant improvement in your conversion rates and product sales.


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