All About Mobile Website Development

Statistics show that a significant percent of users are browsing the internet through mobile devices. Therefore, if your website isn’t mobilized, you are losing potential people interested in what you have to offer. The sudden increase in smart phone users across the world has placed a high demand on mobile development companies to develop a mobile optimized website. The enhanced availability of WAP 2.0 devices and the surge of XHTML developers are further boosting the growth of mobile website development.

Are you thinking of designing a mobile-optimized website, here are a few guidelines you must follow to design a website that transforms your web page in such a way that it can be opened in mobile phones and will help you introduce your business to a much bigger and wider market.

Tip #1 Have a fast loading website

Speed is the key of having a great mobile website. Most of the users browsing the internet on their hand held devices are always in a hurry and if they land on a slow loading website, there is a chance that they will not stay for long.

To make the website load faster, use resized images and content. Resized and compressed images will bring down the loading time considerably. Also remove unnecessary scripts from the code and classes. Mobile phones have a lot of computing power but when they are met with larger size images and other media files, the loading time gets increased.

Tip # 2 Focus on User Experience

User experience is a huge aspect of your website. Hence, before beginning to create the design, you should identify your target audience, and what kind of effect you want your site to have on them. When you figure out this factor, your website design will become a lot easier and more intuitive. Know exactly what you want to achieve with your website before you begin the creative process.

Tip # 3 Design a website to meet user needs

Many mobile phone users have touch screens. This means they will need to have buttons on the website that can accommodate the needs of a touch screen. Another design feature to consider is the colors and formatting of the device. Mobile websites are often designed to look different than original website due to smaller size and need to accommodate the smaller RAM and memory of a smart phone.

Tip #4 Personalize the experience mobile- optimized website

Personalizing your mobile site creates a unique end user experience that could lead to brand loyalty and an increase in sales conversion. Many companies have yet to address the mobile commerce opportunity of implementing personalization as the basis for their optimization but because mobile shopping sites display little content, it is paramount that all offers and products are relevant to each individual consumer.

With increasing rise of tablet and smartphone users, the urge for mobile optimization also keeps increasing, therefore it becomes important to ensure that you have a mobile-optimized website for your business or else you will lose a lot in your business. So, what keeps you waiting? Hurry up and get your websites completely optimized for maximizing return visits, sales and conversions on your store.


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