HTML To Magento Theme Conversion

imagesAre you looking for converting your HTML theme into a Magento one? If you have a store using Magento as the eCommerce platform, converting into a Magento theme would be a wise choice. The conversion process involves having a modified and revised version of an existing theme into a Magento one. By availing a Magento theme, you will have a much greater control over the content on your website.

What all comes under HTML to Magento Conversion?

  • Search engine friendly structure
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Tableless CSS
  • Modular designs
  • W3C validated coding

HTML conversion is all about converting your PSD design into high quality, hand-coded, SEO optimized, cross browser compatible, XHTML/CSS markup ready Magento theme.

Steps for converting a photoshop document into Magento Theme-

  • Slicing PSD Files- The PSD files are not readable by browsers as they are image files. So, to convert from PSD to Magento theme, you need to slice the PSD files. The files need to be sliced properly to encode every section of the site with functionality.
  • Conversion to HTML Format- The sliced files now need to be converted into web compatible HTML format. If you are planning to do it on your own, then you will need some knowledge about XHTML as the process requires some manual coding. Though there are automated coding programs, it is good to hire trained professionals.
  • Magento Integration- Once the site is encoded, you need to integrate it with Magento admin, using PSD to Magento template. Along with other elements of the website, you can publish the new created directories to the server.

HTML to Magento conversion can prove to be effective and beneficial for your online store, provided you select the right professionals who are committed to deliver dependable service.

For more information on HTML To Magento Theme Conversion Services, click here.


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