5 Powerful e-Commerce Marketing Techniques That Converts Your Visitors Into Customers

Ecommerce-MarketingIn the last 15 years, e-Commerce has gained an immense popularity by reaching globally. With the advent in technology, the most trending e-Commerce stores make use of innovative techniques to make online shopping a lot more businesslike and enjoyable. The most  challenging issue that e-Commerce websites face is because of poor conversion rates. Latest survey on this reports that almost 53% of business spend less than 5% of their total marketing budget on conversion optimization. A poorly optimized web page drives away visitors.

For this reason, here are some incredibly useful techniques that will be helpful to turn those wasted visitors into paying customers.

1- Develop a content that converts- The major problem that e-Commerce websites face these days is lack of a human interface. The only difference between a showroom and online shop is that there is no one to communicate. At showrooms, you will find every time there is a sales person to guide you while choosing the best product. In an online store, this task is managed by a well written product description. For writing the best product description, you should focus on-

The actual requirement of your customers

Short, focused and point-wise description

What makes your product stand ahead from the ones your competitors are providing

If your website utilizes these key features for writing unique content, it will ultimately lead to produce better results. By reading such content, you are more likely to convert visitors of your site into customers.

2- Landing Pages increases conversions- Your website should be featured with those elements that convince your visitor to act. A selling landing page is one that is simple, clean, light-weighted and optimizes leads.

“Call to Action” Button is a critical part of web design for landing pages, you must tell your customer what you exactly want them to do. Remember, most of the people scan the web page by looking at the headlines, photos and bullet points. Now these elements must convey the message to the customer in a few seconds.

Before choosing a landing page, you must classify all the pages on your website that adds value and sort them by conversion ability by assigning targeted keywords. Apart from it , using testimonials with your product reviews also helps in influencing your visitors. This is how , people determine whether to go for a purchase or not.

The layout of your web page should be optimized with accurate text content, readable font size, use of proper image etc..

3- E-Mail for Abandoned Cart- According to a recent survey generated by Baymard Institute, the average abandonment rate for shopping carts is about 68%. So, in order to reduce loss in sales, E-Mail reminders contribute a lot. E-Mail alerts can be sent to visitors who, for any reason left their shopping cart abandoned.

According to survey from SaleCycle, nearly half of abandoned cart e-mails are opened, leading to back sale purchase from the website.

How to retain customers with abandoned cart mails-

In order to drive customers for a purchase at your website, abandoned cart notifications are sent to customers via mail when they abandon their cart

Abandoned cart mails feature discounted coupons to entice customers back. Sending coupons is a part of “abandoned cart e-mail recovery campaign”.

4- Social Media Marketing- Facebook, Twitter and Google+ marketing are some of the popular ways to make money online. Out of all these, Facebook Marketing really shines because it’s done by keeping in mind your customer’s requirements. Facebook ads, being a part of Facebook re-targeting allow you to promote page posts, target the right user for your product/services and get more page likes. With Facebook, you have an advantage of getting more information with targeting factors based on geographic and demographics. With frequent updates made on your page, you can provide your followers with recent news.

5- Mobile-Friendly Website- According to the Google survey made in the year 2012, almost 72% of users says that it’s necessary for websites to be mobile friendly. Undoubtedly, the use of Smart phones and mobile Internet is on the rise, therefore it has became imperative for Internet marketers not only to generate mobile traffic, but also to increase conversion rates. The ultimate benefit of mobile responsive design is that you offer customers with a much better visiting experience, which in turn increases conversion rate. The navigation is simplified, they are thumb-friendly, they are designed for maximum visibility, and most of all they create a seamless experience.

So,if your business is loosing sales, then you must take into account the above mentioned factors that will definitely help boost up your ROI. There are numerous e-Commerce development companies where you will get the best service that incorporates all the above strategies to design a feature-rich e-Commerce website for your business.


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